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Should Hillary Clinton stop dyeing her hair?

Asked by LostInParadise (23379points) February 5th, 2013

Let me explain why I think the question is non-trivial and non-sexist. A politician in the public eye, especially one who might be a presidential candidate in the next election, should go out of his/her way not to make physical appearance an issue. The problem I have with Hillary Clinton is that her hair color strikes me as unnatural, actually as unbecoming for someone her age. I would have the same feeling if Bill Clinton did not show any gray hairs. Hillary Clinton should be trying to come across as a seasoned, capable and experienced politician, rather than looking like someone desperately trying to give a more youthful image.

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I think natural is beautiful and I agree that she would look much better.

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My god but that woman’s gone downhill, only a couple of years ago she was one of those older ladies I wouldn’t kick out of bed, a very exclusive list…Helen Mirren/Anthea Turner, oh yeah.
Now she looks like she had a hard paper round, bless.

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I think that she should do whatever makes her feel good about her appearance.

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She’s dying her hair? Hmm. I thought she had already stopped and that’s why she looked so bedraggled all the time. But to be dying her hair and look like she never takes care of her hair—that’s a bit scary.

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Her choice—just like everyone’s.

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If I were her, I’d continue to dye my (gray) hair blonde, but I’d have it cut in neater, more mature style. All that long, straight hair is dragging down, making her look old and tired, and distracting from what I think is a very pretty face.

Having said all that, it’s her choice.

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On 60 Minutes ten days ago, it was obvious she does not color her hair. She has naturally light brown almost blonde hair. It was darker when she was young, but it has been the same for the last 20 years.

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I think the fact that she just suffered a concussion and is under attack for Ben Ghazi and has been doing one of the toughest jobs in the world means we should cut her a little slack in the hair department.

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I think people (the general public) are harsher in how they view women than how they view men (which is why it’s unusual to see an elderlyfemale news anchor but not uncommon to see an elderly male news anchor). Therefore, I think she should make sure she’s “kept up” looking at all times.

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And it’s dyeing, please.

What @janbb said.

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Sorry for the typo.

I did not mean to put Hillary Clinton down. On the contrary, I have a lot of respect for her, and I appreciate what she has been through. I was just suggesting a simple measure she could take to improve her image should she decide to run for president.

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Should Obama dies those grays. What about MCain.

I couldn’t care less what color the woman’s hair color is. What I do care about is the fact she let her husband cheat for over 20 years and didn’t up and leave his house.

Still a sexist question. Why don’t you care about the hair of John Kerry or Obama?

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I think she should keep dying her hair. If people don’t like the color, maybe get a new shade, but I don’t think she should let it go grey. I don’t mind her hair color, I never notice it much, so I figure that is a good thing, but a little change might look good also.

Looking older will not help her in my opinion if she wants to run for President, and grey hair will make her look older. I don’t see it as trying to look youthful, the majority of American women dye their hair.

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A dozen or so years ago, Dianne Feinstein died her hair a light orange, just before running for president. It looked so ridiculous, her campaign never got off the ground.

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I read somewhere that in the US, 50% of the population dyes their hair. I believe it.

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@jca 50% of the population, as in 50% all people? Men and Women? I figure that means probably 80% of females. Just guessing though.

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A comb would be a better investment.

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It’s her hair, she can do what she wants with it.

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@JLeslie: Yes, 50% of all people (men and their Grecian Formula, LOL!). You’re correct, probably 80% of that would be females. Probably of the 20% that are males, half of those are dyeing toupees LOL!

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