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How do you remove a bumper sticker from a car without taking the paint off?

Asked by mtirado (137points) June 10th, 2008

I want to put one on my 2001 corolla but am afraid of ruining the paint.

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GooGone is a chemical product that removes the gummy stickiness from things like bumper stickers. I used it on my car and I recommend it.

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you have not put it on yet? Then put it on the window. It will come off without damaging the paint.

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@brownlemur Nice link! What advice did you follow, or are you still rocking that sticker?

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Drench it with GooGone and the to peal it off easily. Take a razor blade and carefully run it under the sticker and it will peel off easily. If there is left over sticky stuff just rub more GooGone until it’s all gone.

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Extension cord and a blow-dryer

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MisterBlueSky85——did this too! Works like a dream and not a thing happened to the paint job!

GooGone comes in an oil and spray form, no worries it works great!

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I stuck mine to a flat magnet, and then stuck the magnet to my car. That way, it comes off whenever I want.

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Googone can strip your wax/clearcoat so if you do use it I’d recommend going over the spot with some car wax a few times afterwards

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@bulbatron – The goo gone worked like a charm.

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@Les… yeah and anyone else walking along can take it too! LOL The inner city has tainted me!

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Apply googone, soak.
spray again and start rubbing off.
make sure to wax that area after as googone will eat away at your clearcoat.

Also useful with tar and other road hazards that guy stuck on your paint.

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