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I got a scam call offering a free weekend edition of the San Francisco chronicle - should I be worried?

Asked by theabk (683points) June 10th, 2008

I just received this call and foolishly gave my name and address – I thought it was real. Then they asked for my credit card number, which of course I didn’t give. The guy then said he’d send an invoice. At that point I said I didn’t want to receive anything, I’d been misled, etc. but they hung up! Does anyone know what this is about and if I should be worried or do anything else? And yes, I know it was silly of me… but I like Sunday papers…

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Did their number show up on Caller ID?

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You are probably OK. Your name, phone number, and address are easy to get. They just wanted to warm you up to giving out info before they got your CC number. Once they knew it wasn’t going to work they stopped wasting their time.

I wouldn’t worry about.

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Thanks johnpowell. The number was 415–691-4608, an SF number. I looked it up online and other people described it as a scam number, but I couldn’t find any details.

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And I would like to add that I went through training to conduct telephone surveys. Some of them could take up to an hour to complete. This was for the University of Oregon, we weren’t selling anything. They actually taught us that we should be more aggressive towards the elderly because they were lonely and want someone to talk to.

Something to think about.

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I’ve been getting positively pestered by calls from an odd number recently, odd in that it starts with 41 and is 7 digits long and its always someone (call centre) wanting to know which phone provider I’m with. I just use my caller ID on the phone these days, if I don’t recognise who’s calling I don’t answer and let whoever it is leave a message. This call centre have not left a single message, they don’t want to waste their time, so go off to bother someone else I suppose. Don’t worry about it honey, if it happens again just say you’re not interested and hang up.
hugs xx

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