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A space, a space, my kingdom for a parking space?

Asked by Pachy (18567points) February 9th, 2013

Who thinks the discovery of Richard III’s final resting place in a parking lot at Grey Friars church is a fascinating as I do?

W. Shakespeare must be turning over in his grave!

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I’ll make no bones about it.

Seems like an ignominious end. Probably the mother of all cover-ups. But whose as-phalt was it that he ended up there?

I suppose if you are a history buff, then this is in some way meaningful. I don’t know that it actually means anything at all to the rest of us.

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They paved paradise and put in a parking lot.
It is interesting, if rather ironic. Death the great dethronement ( is that a word? I think it should be. )
6 feet under….a BMW. lol

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It is interesting that the place he was buried was lost in history. makes you wonder what else we lost or have forgotten.

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Probably the first ever handicapped parking space.

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Is he buried under the “staff” zone? lol

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You guys are hilarious this morning !!! Talk about your underground parking!

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And here I was thinking you were talking about San Francisco!

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Makes a powerful argument for pyramid construction.

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Do you think that he had to pay the daily rate because he didn’t have a ticket?

what I find more facinating is the tech they used to identify him. Talk about AMAZING!!

Brilliant stuff. What car would he have driven into the carpark?

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Personally, I think the nobler occupant of gravespace at Greyfriars church is Bobby, the incredibly loyal Skye terrier who kept vigil for his master for 14 years until his death.

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