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How long does a cough after a bad cold last?

Asked by skfinkel (13424points) June 10th, 2008

The cold was essentially done after three days. The cough continues.

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More data please…How long have you been coughing? Bringing anything up? Green, yellow, white, clear, red? Fevers, chills, sweats? Postnasal drip?

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it depends on what u had to begin with. If it was just a cold you might want to check out the meds u took of any at all. If u had pneumonia I would suppose there would definately still b a cough… that it IS an infection of the lungs n all. U should most def go see a doctor tho.

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Coughs linger….be patient.

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WHY do coughs linger, I wonder. I’ve had several minor bronchitises that have lasted
for 3 months.

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@ susanc: I have had colds that would go away, but the cough would last weeks; due to the infection as stated above. Medication was need to calm the cough and help with the infection. I even had inhalers before, because the cough was so bad. Have you seen a doctor? Three months is a long time and if it bronchitis and you are not treating it correctly it can turn on to pneumonia. You may even develop walking pneumonia and not even know it. Be careful and get it checked out ASAP.

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Well baby, the last one of these did finally go away, but this is info I should have had, and
I thank you for it.

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