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A dream about a girl in my class?

Asked by MT15 (10points) February 10th, 2013


I am a 16 year old boy and I am currently in 9th grade. There is this girl in my class which I didn’t really like in that way, but I liked her as a friend and we usually talked a couple of times every week.

A week ago, I had this dream about her. I dreamt that I was playing in a football match with my team, the match ended, and we won. All my teammates high-fived me, and when the high-fiving was done, I saw her from close distance. I stood completely still, then she suddenly walked up to me, kissed me on the cheek and gave me a hug, and now I suddenly really like her (not as a friend anymore).

I didn’t like her more than a friend before, it all started with that one dream..

Can anyone tell me what this possibly could mean, and what I should do, because I just cant stop thinking about her and the dream..

Thanks!! :)

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Welcome to Fluther. :)
I think subconsciously, you did like this girl as more than a friend, but you just didn’t realise it. My Psychology teacher didn’t really go into too much detail but she once said dreams open up the subsconscious. I don’t know about the football match but I definitely believe that the kiss is a reflection of what you’d like to happen in reality. As for what you should do, well, I’d ask her out on a date, assure her it doesn’t have to be anything serious, and then discuss the possibility of you two ever being together as more than friends. :)

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It means absolutely nothing. You were fast asleep, and the neurons in your brain were making random connections, Don’t do anything silly as a result of the dream because it was not real.

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If you think you like her, start talking to her. Ask her to go out for coffee or a soda.

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I think you know what it means. It means you like her more than just as a friend and you would like her to like you in the same way. Take it slow, see how things develop.

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You’ve got her on your mind, that’s all.

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It seems clear that you wish to engage in copulation with this healthy female specimen of breeding age.

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You are a 16-year old male. You will be having erotic dreams, probably nightly, about anything…even a fire hydrant or baseball caps. Enjoy the sensations.

See about developing the friendship with this girl? Have lunch with her.

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In dream symbolism, a sports contest followed by a kiss and embrace symbolizes Death.

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Welcome to Fluther, @MT15. Your dream means you are a healthy 16 year old male whose testosterone is starting to do some of the thinking for you. Let your waking mind take the lead in picking romantic interests.

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I think your subconscious simply voices what you tend to overlook during your day. We sometimes get locked down on the day to day business that we take little notice of changes in our friendships. It could also mean that you feel her opinion among others is all that matters to you.

I remember as a teen having a romantic dream with a friend. It felt nice in the dream and awkward when I saw him the next time because I really did just think of him as a friend, almost a brother. I would always go to him for an opinion on things because I always felt he was fair minded. His opinion also mattered to me very much. And he always seem genuinely happy for me when something good happened in my life. I just chalked it up to hormones.

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