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Bruised and swollen fingers - 24 hours later?

Asked by janbb (51643points) February 10th, 2013

Will icing and warm compresses still help in reducing swelling or is it too late for that?

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Icing will help with pain. Swelling is pretty much dictated by the injury.

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Injury or mysterious condition? Gradual or sudden onset. All fingers or selected few?

Try both; it can’t hurt. Usually icing is best early. But you never know.

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Jay bruised them yesterday when the snowblower kicked back at him when he was clearing the snow.

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Probably too late but a little loving nursing might not be amiss.

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If you have some Witch Hazel you should soak it up in some small towels and wrap his hands in it for at least an hour. It will help with the swelling. Repeat offen if needed. Also taking some aspirin will help with swelling or Aleve.

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The benefits from icing an injury tend to diminish after 48 hours so there is still plenty of time to do so. Ice the affected area for 15 minutes, rest for 45–60 minutes and repeat as necessary. Moving the ice around and elevating the affected area helps to reduce the swelling. Good luck.

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Might immobolizing the fingers help? He might be constantly reinjuring the area. I don’t know which fingers are bothering him. If it is some sort of sprain I think it will help.

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