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What important feature/s is/are missing from videos?

Asked by flo (10351points) February 19th, 2013

“Closed captions” is good feature and “skip ad” is good for when the ad is too long. But what are the features you wish were there?

What is the name for the new feature that shows you exactly (not the usual back and forth trial and error ) where to stop while searching?
I just corrected it @gailcalled

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—-it’s “Closed captions”.—

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“Find Face.” You would highlight a face and then hit “Search” and it would scan and skip to that next time it found the same or similar face.

You would set a discrimination level : Stop at all faces, or only the one you want.

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That would be usueful @LuckyGuy although it never occured to me. How about “slow down” feature? Is feature isn’t there somewhere?

Also when 2 or 3 people are talking over each other? omg!

You know the feature I was asking about in the OP? I know to stop on 0.55 for the apartments. If there was an icon for it among the other icons I would have learned it from there.

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