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Any Fluther logo ideas?

Asked by Unbroken (10690points) February 19th, 2013

Spawned from futurememory and the grammarian thread.

What is a caption that you would sport? Would it be a Fluther question? A Jellies one-liner? Somber or funny?
An inside joke?

You may also vote on each others responses. Pancakes and popcorn optional.

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For people who take themselves too seriously.

That was a joke.

No really. Can’t you take a joke?

All right. We mean it. Really. We mean it.

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Wouldn’t that be a slogan, not a logo?

^ by the way, that’s my entry

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Why Fluther?
Because, there is so many great jellies in the sea.
Oh, and because your opinion matters here ;)

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My brain just exploded

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Gay? Liberal? Jewish? Transgendered? *

Join us at Fluther!

You don’t have to be – but it helps.

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Because there are so many….

And because there will always be an anal asshole around to correct your grammar.

It was my turn.

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Under the Orange Tree

Join us

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What’s not to love about the Jellyfish Logo we have? Although real jellyies have 4 sets of 6 eyes each, so the glasses need a it of modification.

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I came up with this slogan quite a while ago.

Still hasn’t been implimented.

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I would tap that.

That’s your slogan?

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@XOIIO You’re sure you’re not trying to sell Jellyfish Beer Kegs?

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@ETpro lol

And yoga pants XD

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Fluther. Now on Tap.

nofurbelowsbatgirl's avatar

Crap I was lookin forward to the special edition Fluther two-four.

I can’t afford it straight from the tap.

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Today only: Fluther Kegs for two toonies.

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Haha. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking about beer.

He meant tap as in I’d tap that ass, i.e. I’d have sex with her/him.

My Fluther dream tee would say..

Fact From Fiction, Truth From Diction.

nofurbelowsbatgirl's avatar

Well no matter how I look at it with the price of todays birth control, I can’t afford to tap it either way. :/

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@FutureMemory It was actually because the slogan is tap the collective, so yes, I’d tap that, I’d tap that all night.


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Are you my brother from another fluther?

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@wundayatta Naw we would never
@PhiNotPi Slogan, logo, slogo.. yep I flubbered it.
@nofurbelowsbatgirl Sounds like propaganda, I’m in!
@SamandMax Exploded in knowledge : )
@zensky Embracing our diversity, I like it
@Kardamom Lucy in the Sky with diamonds
@nofurbelowsbatgirl dang I think I just learned something
@ETpro Good point perhaps Dr J just has two malfunctioning eyes
@XOIIO Now now we wouldn’t want to give all the larvae the wrong impression.. I like it.
@zensky conciseness does have
@ETpro Good marketing strategy, maybe we could give Mistress Auggie ahem Augustlan a raise
@nofurbelowsbatgirl here we call them forties
@zensky despite my whirlwind education in canuck speak, toonies still means cartoons to me. Wait loones and toonies, I do have a brain!
@nofurbelowsbatgirl hosers and losers rhyme and they mean the same thing, can I graduate now?
@FutureMemory Ahh I see gold! Love it!
@nofurbelowsbatgirl can I recommend saran wrap
@XOIIO The lurve pool is in the back
@zensky I am your Fatha

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Don’t drink and Drive.

Drink and Fluther. Flunk with me, would ya?

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Reminds me of how if you want to look all smart on Fluther, you have to tell everyone you don’t ever watch TV. In fact, I’m so smart that sometimes, I don’t even know what a TV is.

Realaaax. I hate TV, I’ve always said so, and it’s teh tr00fz.

Can’t ya take a joke, laddie buck?

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@Symbeline Count me dumb then. I love to watch TVs. Golly gee, I didn’t know this was a problem on Fluther.

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Said it was a fuckin joke.

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@Symbeline Yer sposed to be fucking me, not a joke! And give me back my shirt! No. Wait. I’ll come get it.

Berserker's avatar

You’ll have to get it off me first.

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Daloon!!! @Symbeline Yer sposed to be fucking me, not a joke!

Did you just say that??!!

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You should see what he says in PM’s.

Berserker's avatar


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Yeah @zensky. It’s not a joke. You don’t think I’m man enough, Mr Soldier man? ‘Cause let me tell you, sir. You don’t need no big kahuna in order to talk a good game. An’ I only got one of those two things!

@Symbeline is kind enough to overlook the lack of the other. An’ Bellatricious, too (which is what we call each other after the fact when we’re smokin our seegars).

Read my lips.





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@Symbeline Me watch TV?! Never! All those questions of mine regarding TV shows were entered from an altered state. The tomes I collected would rival a library, most of which I have not read.

@ETpro Gee Golly no news even, what a champ.

A triangle tryst, is that is what is being inferred?! Hold on! Let me get my popcorn

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@wundayatta YER SPOSED to get the code! Get the code! Open my brain and unscramble the cube damnit! Let the toad go free on fluther and play with jellies. :p

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@zensky daloon? da loon as in the toon?! I might track but I don’t know!

@nofurbelowsbatgirl Toads now I can’t keep up. I never associated them with code crackers or jelly friends. Don’t break the brain I am not sure if I am talking about yours or mine O.o

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@nofurbelowsbatgirl Are you serious? The toad? Hmmm. You think fluther can handle the toad? Or would it just turn into toad food? Sorry. I think that’s CIder House Rules.

Can you unscramble scrambled eggs?

I heard tonight that there’s a lego robot that kids can program that will unscramble the cube.

But you got to code the robot yerself.

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@wundayatta Sirius. Siri.

Siri, give me the code…

Siri: Ok your royal highness, I’ll start calling you a horny toad.

@rosehips If it aint broke, break it and make it better :)

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@zensky I’m looking at that old Q and it looks like a Fluther graveyard. So many oldies that I miss. :(

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@wundayatta Magicians could! The point being? Did that sound luddite, to you?
@nofurbelowsbatgirl Too much time
@jonsblond I was reading it and thinking, here are people I will never talk to get new information from, I am reading history.. Thanks for the share zen.

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@rosehips I got magic. So what?

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