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Hangover cure?

Asked by thetypicalusername (199points) June 11th, 2008

Please help. :-X

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remember not to drink so much next time, but most importantly drink a couple glasses of water before you go to bed or when your done drinking, cause all a hangover is, is dehydration. So drink some water, maybe take some Tylenol or something, and try and get some rest. For some people coffee helps too

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Don’t drink so much next time.

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You might find some other useful answers here and here.

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I can’t keep anything down…everything I eat or drink just comes right back up.

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Go back to sleep if you can. And grab some water and a snack to keep by your bed for when you wake up. It will eventually go away.

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Ugh, thats the worst. Try staying sitting up and slowly sipping some water or Ginger ale. Do you have any plain crackers? Try eating those in extremely tiny bites too. Antihistamines also work as anti-nauseants for some people.

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Drink LOTS of water. Just force yourself to drink water. I was really wasted up in Humboldt last week and my friend Jake made me drink a ton of water (even though I didn’t want to). He kept bringing me glass after glass after glass of water. Then get to bed (take a bucket with you if you think you might have to yak again) and try to sleep it off. Water and sleep did it for me. I didn’t have a hangover in the morning. It sounds like you already have a hangover, but I’ll stick by my advice – lots and lots of water and sleep.

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If you weren’t throwing up, I would recommend a “toke” if that is something you do.

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2 bc powders and a Sprite work well for me. I only get hang overs when I drink vodka though.

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before you go to bed drink a tall glass of water and take an advil
in the morning i recommend an arnold palmer- half ice tea half lemonade- and smoke some pot to fight nausea and take the edge off, and lots of water!

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I learned long ago that too much alcohol will hurt you over and over again. Rather than smoking pot to help alleviate the ravages of alcohol, next time go organic: smoke the pot first and then have a drink or two (not three or four) if you want to kick it up a notch or two. You’ll feel better in the long run!

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A meat pie and an energy drink (sometimes it might take two meat pies).

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has anyone tried those hangover cure or prevention pills i saw in a convenience store? i wonder if they work. sounds to good to be true.

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Marmite on toast, water and painkillers – then back to sleep until they kick in :D

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I took a two hour nap and feel a little better. I think I need something greasy…like pizza and some ginger ale. Meh, maybe I’ll go the soup and crackers route. But then again, I don’t feel like driving anywhere. Jeez…what to do. I’ve noticed that mean hangovers sometimes give me funky cravings.

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Eat whatever sounds good to you; just take it slowly when you start eating to see how your body reacts.

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Here’s some good advice on preventing them:

That, and I agree with everyone about the water thing.

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Two nasty side effects of alcohol consumption are dehydration and acetaldehyde build-up in your system. Both of these can lead to the hangover symptoms. Dehydration’s obvious cure is to drink as much water as you can while consuming alcohol. Acetaldehyde is a toxin produced as your body metabolizes the alcohol. You body can process it, but only so much at a time. A build-up will definitely give you a nasty hangover. There are a few supplements that can help tremendously with this breakdown process, here are a few: <- search for anti-alcohol antioxidants

Also, some suggest eating raw eggs before drinking. This is similar to the supplements above—they all provide the body with cysteine. It is cysteine that assists to breakdown the acetaldehyde.

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Puke before you pass out. Works like a charm.

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