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What is the best routine to do to get back into regular exercise?

Asked by nuclear (296points) February 27th, 2013

I just got back from a gym class that I use to take a few times a week regularly about a year ago. Not even half way through, I was feeling sick and dizzy and incredibly weak! I can’t believe it!

I am finishing my final year at University and I neglected my gym classes due to all the stress and assignments, but I want to get back into the gym now.

I am quite thin and I have lost about 8–10 lbs since I use to attend classes regularly. I think that the problem today was simply that I jumped into a class that was too intense for someone who hasn’t pushed themselves fitness-wise for nearly a year. The classes at my gym are all fairly intense, so I think the best thing to do is to do some training alone on the cardio and weight machines so I can build up stamina.

Could anyone recommend how long my cardio sessions should be and how much weight I should be doing each session to get back into the swing of things, or even some general tips for getting my energy up for a workout?

(I do eat very healthy already, fruits, vegetables, lean meats and lots of water.)

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Start walking regularly.

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Take it slow, even 2 10 minute sessions a day. Yes, start walking, even if it just a few blocks or a short jaunt morning and evening.
Morning exercise boosts your metabolism for the entire day as well, but anytime is beneficial.
Always have protein for breakfast to launch your rocket. lol

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Check your diet first. It needs to be sufficient enough to begin a work out regime. Walking is the best start. Do this at a moderate pace. Adding on as you go along. It really doesn’t work out to just jump into where you last left off. You have to start again.

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@nuclear Welcome to Fluther.

If the gym has a fitness trainer, enlist their assistance. If not, listen to your body and push the envelope just a bit more with each workout. You need to do cardio every other day at the least in order to get the full benefit of it. Good luck with it.

I’ve got to face the same challenge. I developed an inguinal hernia in early December. I couldn’t get surgery till February 5th, and am due to see the surgeon today for a checkup. I do so hope he clears me to get back to my exercise routine. I’ve been doing some walking, but even that was limited by this darned thing. So I truly sympathize.

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When I had to restart a serious walking program (several times, as it happened) because of lower back injuries, I walked out side and added a telephone pole every few days.

On the treadmill, it was five minutes at 2.7mph at the start and then a gradual increase every week. 5% – 10%. Now I am doing 45 minutes at 3.2 mph. Good for me.

For the non-aerobic bits, I used a physical therapist to design specific exercises for me, both with and without weights, and went twice a week for 5 weeks until I had my own rhythm.

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In addition to the walking, to build up your stamina try to walk outside (as @gailcalled suggested) and try to include a hill in your walk. Not something that will kill you but just a slight incline. That will push you a bit more. Perhaps see if there are any stairs/steps in your local area you can include in your walk or even go to and go up and down a few times in a row to build up your stamina. Start with going up and down them once and then increase as your fitness improves.

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You need to come up with the small sessions to the warp up and make your body compatible to bear hard work out. If you are trying to start it with the big sessions of active hours, then this is quite normal that your body will have to pay for this. You should discuss with the trainer also if you have.

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