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What can you tell me (preferably from experience) about getting a scalp tattoo?

Asked by gottamakeart (1323points) March 4th, 2013

I’m losing my hair and would still like to have SOMETHING up top, if I cannot manage to get hair transplants.

The best option I can think of is to keep my hair clipped very short and get the very top shaded-in almost like stubble.

I’m wondering about cost, where to go, any FACTS that would help me with my decision.

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Well, it’s going to look like you tattooed your scalp, for one.

If you’re expecting it to look like hair, it won’t. Hair is three-dimensional. Tattoos are under the skin.

Also, ink fades over time. I envision a future of a bald head covered in fuzzy blue polka-dots.

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Embrace the baldness.

Tattooed scalps will fade over time, and will look tacky better that you come to grips with your genetic destiny and not try to escape it.

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Bald is beautiful. Faded blue polka dots are not. Get used to it and wear a hat if your head gets cold.

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Before doing anything as drastic as a tattoo, why not give bald a trial run even tho you still have hair? I guarantee you’ll be surprised by the amount of positive comments you’ll get from people.

Hopefully that will help in your decision making process.

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Put a Batman symbol on the back/top of your head. That way, you can put a flashlight in your mouth and project a Batsignal.

My grandson’s father has numerous tattoos on his head. The result is he couldn’t get a job. Guys at his last legit job called him Raiderhead.

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I knew a guy who had this special skin dye in a can. He sprayed it on his balding spot and it made it much less noticeable. It was a temporary thing so he had to respray after a shower. It was sort of like a colored hair spray because it kept what hair he had in place as well.I would try that first.

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