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Anyone use Amazon Prime AND Netflix for video?

Asked by keobooks (14322points) March 28th, 2013

I was just wondering about the crossover. Is there much of anything available on Prime that is not available on Netflix? We use Hulu+ and Netflix now and I am wondering if we should bother with getting Prime.

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We don’t watch a lot, but we have both and I’m thinking of dropping Netflix since we don’t get our money’s worth out of it.

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We have both, as well as Hulu+. We have an Amazon prime account for the Kindle. Personally, I find the variety of having all 3 is enough that we’ve dropped cable and use only the 3, along with all the other apps on my Roku.

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I know a lot of people on the internet seem to be jumping ship to Prime, but most everyone that I know personally, myself included, has stuck to Netflix. The few people I know who do use Prime use it in conjunction with Netflix.

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I have both. Prime has a much “clunkier” interface than Netflix, but it does offer some great shows/movies that Netflix doesn’t have (I wonder if they have an exclusivity clause with certain programs?). However, I wouldn’t recommend getting Prime unless you want the other features (free 2 day shipping, kindle book lending) because I don’t think the streaming alone is worth the additional cost on top of a Netflix account.

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I have both, but I rarely use Prime for movies. I agree with @singysars that the interface isn’t quite as nice as Netflix and whenever I want to watch something it’s usually on Netflix. I haven’t found much that was on Prime that wasn’t on Netflix.

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I have both. I use Netflix for movies because I like both its interface and selection of movies. I use Prime, er, primarily, to save Amazon shipping costs.

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