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Red sky: would you ever consider going on a one way trip to Mars?

Asked by fremen_warrior (5487points) March 31st, 2013

Inspired by the Mars One project I ask you – would you volunteer?

Could you go on a “one way ticket” space exploration/terraforming mission to another planet, to live out the rest of your days there, manning humanity’s foothold into outer space. Sure you would have a few new arrivals every 2 years, but you could never return to Earth. Everyone you ever knew, your friends, family, even “random strangers” would be gone from your life (save an advanced version of a video chat once in a while).

It seems like a simple question, but when you think about the implications… I still cannot wrap my head around it. I read about it today, and I can’t stop thinking about this. I need your thoughts on this… Would you go to Mars a pioneer, making history… all the while knowing you will never be able to go home again? If so, why? Thoughts please, I need your thoughts, I can’t brain anymore.

(some humour welcome ofc, but pls stick to the point of the discussion, thx)

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Yes. I would consider it…

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There is an answer on this site from me some place, saying how I would be willing to go on a mission to Mars, even if it meant I would die there some time in the next couple of years.

I was not exaggerating either, I would have gladly given my life if it meant I could get off this prison of a planet and get to set foot on another world, even an uninhabitable one.

However, things have since changed, I plan to get married soon, and now I would not even be willing to go on a two year return mission with guaranteed safety and success.

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When I was younger I would have considered it for sure. I’m afraid my space exploration days are over though.

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Holy shit! Thank you for alerting me to the existence of that project, @fremen_warrior.
I wouldn’t be doing anyone any favors by serving as one of those pioneers. I know my limits. I’m not very rugged, and I’m dependent on numerous pharmaceutical products. If I make history, it will be through cool discoveries on Earth.

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Only if I get an internet connection that does not have the current 40 minute lag.

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I would never ever go. I am an Earthgirl through and through.

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No worries,Martian Wi-Fi is far superior to ours.
If you get the Phone Home package,you’ll also get 15 Teraflops per seconds internet speed.

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I’d have to be in utter despair over what’s happening here on earth. I’m a risk taker, but a cautious one. They’d probably turn me down anyhow. Too old.

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@I’m with @marinelife. Twenty, maybe 15 years ago I would have considered a trip to another planet. Nowadays, I’m satisfied with trips to the john, and unlike Elvis’ final visit, mine have all been roundtrips.

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Once I am eligible to get my retirement pension, I would go to Mars. Do I get a school named after me-? That’ll be a bonus.

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Probably not. I do not believe that we belong (as far as permanently living goes anyhow) on another planet. I am okay with studying it to learn about it, but I feel that our human nature is now to destroy things for our own profit so this seems like a terrible idea in that sense.

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Immediate response: Not in a million years!

Considered response: Not in a million years!

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I like my earth life. It’s too cold there anyway.

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Nope but when I was little I would say yes.

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I would absolutely go! Think of all the smart people that would go and all the stupid people that would stay behind! Plus all the research and new stuff to do and learn. Sure the food is going to be a little sub-par, and it may be a little lonely, but to be off planet would be a dream realized for me.

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Depends how many people would be going and who they would be. If it’s a colony (like maybe 100 people?) it’s much more possible. And it definitely matters who these 100 people are. If it’s mostly super smart, funny people like Hank Green and Emily Whatshername on Scishow, we’re making leaps and bounds. And my wonderful friend genjgal! If she’d be there, living out my days would be a blast! XD But if this is just random people off the street who decided to pick up life and help establish a colony on Mars – without any special science-y degree prerequisites or job requirements – then, nope, probably not. Might as well stay here for that!

You know, once upon a time (a few months ago) I would have said that scientists are all very stuffy and boring people, because they’re so technical and follow rigid rules all the time. Then I started watching Scishow, Mythbusters, and NOVA, and listening to public radio. Now I’m leaning toward the belief that scientists are just misunderstood people who need a way to show how hilarious and adorable they are. I could stand living out my days with people like that. I’d probably be a lot smarter by the end, too!

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Not after I watched that “To Serve Man” episode of the Twilight Zone. Turns out they were sending humans to their home planet to eat them.
I can safely say I will never set foot on another planet until I know what it’s like up there. Lots of people have to go before me and test it out, and even then I might not go.

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Nope. God gave me a mission here on earth, and unless He gives me a mission to Mars I won’t be going there.
I don’t have a particular interest in being a double alien.

Obviously randomgirl, if you went I’d follow.
(lol we sound like a couple????)

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If living in outer space funds my retirement, sure, sign me up.
Better to be poor on Pluto than in Placerville. lolol

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@genjgal We do. We aren’t – just hilariously good teenage girlfriends XD

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Most likely not. I would say 99.9% chance no. There would have to be some very specific circumstances for me to consider it.

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I will do it without hesitation!

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No hesitation here either, I’d jump at that opportunity regardless of any risks.

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