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Are you an icon changer ?

Asked by iwamoto (5261points) June 13th, 2008

i was just fiddling with new icons, when this question came up, how many of you are always working on a new experience?, for example, this is a bit of my workstation, the black dock etc. are just lovely i think, just need to fix that trash can

i can’t acces servers here in school, otherwise i’d given you guys the big picture

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Not so far as to change the dock but i do change my icons… The change from Tiger to Leopard left them looking slightly plain

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I fiddled around with changing the dock and the icons in Mac OSX but after a while I just decided that it looks better the way Apple designed it! I replace icons for things that have really badly made icons, like Opera and Adium, which have really un-aqua style icons, so I fixed that!

I actually prefer the simple icons in Leopard, I really like the less shiny thing Apple are doing now i.e. iTunes.

I also made my Macintosh HD icon a picture of the original Macintosh with the ‘hello’ cursive text written on the screen.

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I think the best dock it the Patapon one this is it

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we can also read you perfectly clear without the caps ;)

my dock is actually a mix from the amora dock and the patapon dock, i like the dark black from patapon, but those ugly pointers? no thanks, so i used the red arrows from amora

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Anyone know how to change icons for OSX 10.3.9?

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Nevermind…copy and paste. Dumb question.

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Yeah, I tweak everything on my system. Probably not worth a screenshot for now though…

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I only do custom icons for hard drives and certain folders I want to identify quickly.

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Not globally. Just targeted ones like @pupntaco.

Basically, I try only to tweak my system to improve workflow. For overall appearance, I just go with one of the default, pre-loaded themes and don’t waste time/money beyond that.

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@pup, yeah, it started with that, then i started doing more and more, haha

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You inspired me.

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