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Fun mini vacation close to Burlington, VT?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) July 13th, 2008

My friend and I are in VT for 5 days and we want to break up our time with a mini trip somewhere. We want to be close to water (lake or ocean) and not go more than 3 hours away. We will only go 1–2 nights. We can also take a ferry to the Adirondacks in NY as long as the ferries here go close (Port Kent or Essex, NY). Ideas? We are also potentially interested in going to Canada.

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VT and Adirondacks are not close to the ocean. There is Lake George and Lake Champlain. Montreal is an hr’s drive from exit 30 on the Northway. Ferry is fun to either Essex or Port Kent; you are then a 90 minute drive from the town of Lake Placid. , which is touristy but fun. There is a tour boat that goes around the entire lake. There is lots of climbing in both the Adirondacks and the Green mts. You can’t fit everything in. It’s all gorgeous. (Bring bug repellant.)

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…or in lieu of bug repellant, if they go after I do, I can repurpose my wedding outfit

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I am from Vermont so I know how close we are to the ocean : ) It’s about 3–3.5 hr drive which is in our range of places to go…...
Gail—where do you live???

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Depending on how close you are to Portland or Bar Harbor, and your budget, you could take The CAT to Yarmouth and take a drive up the Evangeline Trail. If you don’t want the expensive of taking a car on the ferry, The CAT offers some tours of the area as well.

It is really beautiful country and the ride over is great.

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Emily: I had a summer house on Lake Placid for 22 years. No heat, no road…but glorious. We pumped our water from the lake and did everything by boat, including moving a piano in the rain. Main house, guide’s cabin, guest house. Beds for 17. When I got divorced, I divorced the house too (so much work.) I live between Albany and Pittsfield, 30 minutes west of Tanglewood and Lenox.

Montreal would be a nice change if you are used to the mts. and scenery of Vt. Where is your home?

@Seesul; hope you keep the outfit for your grandkids’ dress-up box.

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You could take a steamboat cruise on Lake George. It’s cheap and fun!

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@gail: DRESS UP BOX??????? I’ve already made arrangements for the French Cleaner here in town to preserve it, just like my wedding dress.

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gail—cool story! I live in SF but I’m from burlington. we have decided on montreal by the way!!! if you have any montreal ideas send them my way. i’m about to post a q about montreal…....

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