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If you have lightly colored eyes do you sneeze more often when you go outside?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) June 13th, 2008 from iPhone
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I don’t get it?

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I am just wondering if you have lightly colored eyes as opposed to darker colored eyes, do you sneeze when you go outside?

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Okay, what does the color of your eyes have to do with sneezing?

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I don’t know, I am just asking about something I happen to notice.

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i see shilolo is crafting, so we should have an answer pretty soon. But I highly doubt the two factors (i.e. eye color and amount of sneezing outside) are related.

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hmmm. I dont know

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Since you are asking a population-based question, then each individual here can’t really say whether they sneeze more often since no one person can compare themselves directly to another person. For example, I have dark eyes and sometimes sneeze when I go outside. That doesn’t make a trend, even if my neighbor has light eyes and sneezes every time. All I can say is that I sometimes sneeze.

I would be interested to know what exactly you noticed? You’ve seen a few people with blue/green eyes who sneeze a lot? Is that it? I have never heard of an association between allergic rhinitis and eye color, nor is there a known association between eye color and atopy (allergy) in general.

In the future, if you want to ask this question again, perhaps you might consider another way. For example, you could say, I want to conduct a small epidemiologic study. What is your eye color? Do you sneeze a lot and/or have allergic symptoms? You can then use simple statistical analysis to determine whether there is an association.

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Thanks shilolo. In my little population, three of us have dark brown eyes and the other two have striking light green eyes. The green eyed guys sneeze when they go outside. I was just curious if there was an association.

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I suspect that with a larger sample size than 5, your association would disappear, but that’s a pure guess. You would need at least 50–100 individuals before we could truly do the analysis. Feel free to recruit more volunteers, and I would be happy to go through the statistical analysis with you!

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I have bright, sky blue eyes, which if I may say so, are beautiful. Anyways, when I go outside I usually don’t sneeze.

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Well, my friend has light blue eyes, and he always sneezes when he goes outside in the sun (one sneeze after another!). I’m not sure if it has to do with eye color, although I think you might have something there…maybe those with lighter eye color are also more sensitive to light (they often burn easy too).

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According to what came up in this discussion, the sneezing in bright light is genetic, but not necessarily related to the colour of your eyes.

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