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Is the government acting like a spoiled child in "furloughing" air traffic controllers?

Asked by josie (30931points) April 24th, 2013

The excuse is the “sequester”.

But I think by now everybody knows the sequester does not mean that the government has less to spend than it did last year, only that it doesn’t get to spend quite as much as it hoped it could.

So at the very least, the ATC’s could all work, just maybe not get a raise.

So why would a responsible government act like a spoiled child?

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Welcome to 2013 partisian politics. A giant pissing match stretching over 50 states. “What a country.”

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Since 2000 the FAA budget has increased by 50% while the number of flights has decreased by 27%. Doing less with more is the trade mark of our government.

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Most likely. We saw this locally with a tax hike benefiting public transit – it didn’t pass, and MetroLink discontinued service to a lot of areas. Most likely to punish us for not giving them more money.

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When doesn’t our government act like a spoiled child? (Congress needs a serious ass-kicking. I volunteer to do it. Seriously.)

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Here’s a good video expose of Republican hypocrisy on this. All of one part of government could work, but then cuts would be forced to other parts. If someone is so hell bent to cut only the spending that’s “wasteful” then why on Earth do it through the laziest possible method, not figure out any place to cut, but instead mandate that cuts be across the board?

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