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Do you believe the holocaust happened?

Asked by Hunter144 (117points) April 24th, 2013

Someone today said they didn’t believe the holocaust didn’t happen and it got me thinking about how many people think that it actually didn’t happen and its all a lie. I believe that it did actually happen because of the mass graves they have found around the interment camps in Germany.

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I’ve seen the tattoos on some of my Jewish clients and looked into their eyes when they noticed I saw it.

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Is this to gain insight for your homework question? Just curious

As for did the Holocaust happen? Yes. I know people that escaped.

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That’s what i mean, how can people not believe it when the evidence is all around us. it just caught me off guard when the student said it to me because i thought people believed it actually happened @SpatzieLover yes and no. I like to ask question about topics about things I already know to learn things i didn’t know

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I have to answer with “Duh!” because, well… duh. People who say it never happened are in denial, or just stupid.

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@WillWorkForChocolate as my teacher said today “oh your one of those idiots” it was priceless

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I do. Some people don’t because it suits their mental image of the Jews as being in control of everything. Why Jews get this more than other groups, I could not tell you.

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I’m astonished that anyone on earth can doubt that it happened, considering the number of families whose parents and grandparents perished in gas chambers, ovens and by other horrendous means at the hands of the Nazis. But then, there are people who don’t believe in global warming, evolution, the scientific age of the earth, and gun control.

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Err, did Jesus shit in his sandals when they crucified the fucker?
Actually, scratch that, he wasn’t wearing them at the time, that would be just stupid…yeah I do believe, mostly because it’s blatantly true.

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it just scares me that people are that ignorant and don’t believe it

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Don’t be afraid, for they know not what they do…or even which spoon to use for dessert :-)

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The Holocaust may be the most extensively and accurately documented event in human history.

FYI, Germany pays reparations to survivors. So many children were Holocaust victims, a large number of restitution payments are still being made.

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Of course it did. Contemplate the reasons why this still comes up. Ask yourself why you must ask the question.

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@josie Im not doubting it happened. I believe 100% that the holocaust happened

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Who would make that up?

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That’s like thinking the earth is flat seriously…...

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Of course it happened. You need to hang out with a smarter group of people.

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Sadly, yes.

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OK now that that is established, I see the point. You just want to know what others think. I do that all the time. I’m a little tired and on edge. So, sorry for looking like I was getting into your shit.

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lol its okay i have those days too

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Yes, I believe it happened. Dad was an army soldier in a troop that was sent in to one of the Munchhausen concentration camps in Austria in order to liberate the prisoners. He never talked about it to me until over 40 years after the experience. We went to see a Holocaust exhibit in Chicago. After the tour, he told me tidbits of witnessing the aftermath of what the Nazis had done there.

Dad passed away 20 years ago. If my family is a reliable source, then I can share that this strong man would wake up screaming from nightmares about what he saw there for several years, even after he married Mom. An older sister took photos that he had of the carnage of the camp into school for show and tell, only to have them stolen out of her desk. Mom has been compiling information on WWII based upon my father’s experiences. His censored letters to his mother at the time, the information he shared with her, and the fill-in-the-gaps input from a fellow troop member that is still alive has painted a vivid picture of what the Holocaust looked like from an American soldier’s perspective that was there to witness aspects of it.

What’s surprising is that such a fact-filled event could be questioned so early in history. There is still so much evidence in existence to prove it. Last year, I toured the Dachau “work” camp and Nuremberg. Trust me…Germany is not proud of the Nazi regime that is part of the country’s history. Yet even they recognize it as a realistic event.

While there is a certain respect level granted to those who question information, to form opinion opposing something that is so accurately documented, such as the Holocaust, it puts them in the bottom ranks of respect. It makes me wonder where their influence for this opinion came from.

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I’ve honestly never met a person that said they didn’t believe it. The thought of Holocaust denial is just ridiculous to me.

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For those of you that question that there are disbelievers, I know one. My sister’s husband’s brother wrote an editorial to The Washington Post stating that it was a fallacy. This is a man who has accredited degrees from two US prestigious schools and practices law. I so wish that I could find an online copy of it. Dad was infuriated when he read it.

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I’ve taken classes with a professor and expert on the Shoah who testified at the trial of Nazis, as well as notorious deniers.

I’ve seen tattoos on old men’s arms at the grocery store in Florida.

I can’t really fathom Holocaust deniers, but I try to remember that they exist.

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There a two credulousness statements in that it could happen by other human, beings so bad that it’s unbelievable and that after it happened we don’t want to believe it. As part of the human race. I’m so disappointed in both. Trouble is mankind is so stupid to train people to fight and kill it may happen again and again.

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Having visited Auschwitz, and having a friend whose family was killed while she an her sister were hidden out on a farm unable to show their faces by day for the duration, yes. I believe without question.

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Anybody who tried to convince me that The Holocaust never happened wouldn’t be worth my fucking time.

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I bet Schindler’s Pissed.
@WillWorkForChocolate What the fork!?!

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I don’t “believe” it happened.

I know it happened.

This is not a matter of belief. It is a fact.

People who claim it was a lie face criminal charges in Germany.

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It happened; it’s well documented. Anyone else see the movie, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas?” You’ll never forget it.
Some people are just plain stupid or crazy.

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I hope the boy wore his pyjamas to the local shops & bought himself some candy…that would be comforting at least.

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No, ucme. It is an extremely dramatic , realistic and depressing movie on the holocaust.

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Bangs head on desk.

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If the holocaust happened, how come there’s still Jews? XD

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@Afos22: That’s what the fascists in Hungary would like to know apparently :(

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Yes, and my attic is full of real pictures of the carnage that my pap brought back from WWII to almost certainly prove it. This is way beyond reasonable doubt here.

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I never doubted it, once I had learned about it from reliable sources. The massacres in Rwanda simply confirmed that we are an evil species.

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Of course it happened, and it drives me crazy when people deny it. Look at all the evidence! The survivors with the tattoos, the perpetrators, the camps still standing today, the photos, the films shot at liberations, the liberators themselves, all the documents about the transports and who died and who will die… There is so much evidence!

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@Misspegasister28 Could you link the liberation pics /videos? I’d like them for my heartwarmer bookmark collection.

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