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What ingredients make up a Hawaiian burger and a Texas burger?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21638points) May 1st, 2013

I recently started working in the kitchen for a local snack bar, and noticed that they have named their burgers after places.

I am curious to know, if what we call a Hawaiian Burger here in Spain, is also known as a Hawaiian burger in Hawaii, and if what we call a Texas burger, would be called a Texas Burger in Texas.

What ingredients go in a Hawaiian burger?

What ingredients go in a Texas burger?

What ingredients go in a Taj Mahal burger?

Please also state if you live in or have ever visited Hawaii, Texas or the Taj Mahal or India, and if you had a burger there.

Are cows not sacred in India? I have my doubts about this 100% beef Taj Mahal burger.


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Here’s a hawaiian burger recipe.
About what I expected. And I’m in NYS, never been to Texas or Hawaii.

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We don’t really name burgers those kinds of things in this country – or at least where I live on the East Coast. You might have a variety of toppings offered for burgers such as cheese, fried onions or bacon but those names sound pretty made up to me. There is something called a California burger that has lettuce, tomato and onion on it but otherwise – not so much unless an individual restaurant has a particular name for one type. And I agree with you, you wouldn’t get a 100% beef burger at the Taj Mahal.

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A Hawaiian burger with pineapple?
A Texas burger with BBQ sauce?

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@marinelife More or less yea.

Hawaiian: Ham, cheese and pineapple.

Texas: Onion rings, cheese, BBQ sauce.

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Here’s a texas burger. This guy knows his way around a grill.

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As an aside, when I lived in England long ago, I was shocked that they had pizzas with chicken and pineapple on them. Seemed odd to me.

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Hawaiian is made with Teriyaki sauce and has a pineapple slice.

A Texas burger has barbecue sauce on it, or some Texas style chile, either with a thick slice of onion.

A California burger has lettuce, tomato, and avocado.

A Taj Mahal would be a veggie burger.

And I have been to Hawaii, I have been to Texas, and I live in California, but I have never been to India.

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I have never heard of either. I have heard of a Hawaiian pizza, which has ham and pineapple on top.

I have never been to Hawaii, but I have been to Texas.

Usually burgers just have the descriptions of what is on them, I haven’t noticed any universal topping rules in the US.

I think a restaurant can call something anything they want.

The only standards I have seen for this type of thing are omelettes. A western omelette seems to be the same no matter where I go in the US, I don’t remember if it was the same in other countries.

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@zenvelo Not just any ol’ onion, a 1015 Onion !! I prefer mine with chili.

Also, most Texas Burgers are at least two patties or a minimum of ½ lb of beef.

Or try a Mexican Burger with salsa, jalapenos and queso fresco or another one of the mexican cheeses. (technically a cheeseburger).

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Pineapple on a cheeseburger? That sounds disgusting.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Depends on the cheese. Really doesn’t go, in my opinion, with a sharp chedder is good with something like a mozzarella or some other mild flavored white cheese and tolerable with one of the american slices.

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@rojo A Hawaiian burger also has Maui onions on it. Mmmmm…

@Seek_Kolinahr Pineapple with swiss cheese and beef soaked in teriyaki is delicious! Try it!

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@Seek_Kolinahr I agree. Blech. The rest of the world makes fun of Americans and how they put cheese on everything. I do like pineapple on steak and on chicken. I wouldn’t put it on a burger, but it doesn’t sound terrible as long as they leave the cheese off.

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We have a burger place here owned and run by a Korean family. I don’t know what kind of sauce/spice they use in their meat but it has to be one of the most awesome tasting burgers I have had.

They also offer a bulgogi burger that has a completely different flavor.

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Native Texan here. Texas burgers can go in a couple of directions: TexMex or barbecue.

For the TexMex version, you’d include some pepperjack cheese, picante sauce or fresh peppers, maybe some chipotle mayo and guacamole.

The barbecue version would include some barbecue sauce, of course, and coleslaw in lieu of lettuce. Bacon and cheese are options, too.

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Yeah that cow should not be in that Taj Mahal burger. You could use other red meats, but Chicken would make the most sense. McDonald’s subbed their big mac in india for the Maharaja Mac, which is the same thing as a big mac but with chicken

I think a Taj Mahal burger should be chicken breast that has been marinated in yogurt and spices, and topped with a tikka masala type sauce with lettuce, tomatoes and fresh onions.

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Hawaiian burger has teriyaki and a slice of Pineapple.

Texas burger has BBQ sauce, guacamole, and bacon.

California burger has avocado and sprouts.

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