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What did you learn today?

Asked by keobooks (14322points) May 6th, 2013

Did you learn something new today? How did you stumble across the knowledge and how do you plan to use it in the future? Here’s mine.

Vivarium – definition is in the link. I stumbled across it because I was doing research about air plants. I did the research on them because someone mentioned them in this thread .

I also liked discovering the different kinds of vivarium. Like—everyone knows aquarium—but I had no idea that the formal name for an ant farm was a formicarium. I don’t know what I’ll do with this, but it was fun to learn it. Maybe I’ll make a terrarium and put some air plants in it.

I love doing research and randomly teaching myself things. What did you learn today?

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I had Razzleberry pie and learned it is the best pie ever. Blackberry, raspberry and apple combo. :-p

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I learned at my spa supply store that I needed more chlorine and a lower pH, and also that there’s a new Chinese buffet a few doors down from that which I will need to patronize sparingly.

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I learned something today.
I have limits on tolerating how much I can put up with people trying to help me, but ending up making it worse.
After being a life long Union supporter, this last contract has me pissed off to the point of quitting the union.

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It’s illegal to make a u-turn in front of a fire station.
If you find yourself getting sleepy while driving, pop a sour candy in your mouth and it will keep you alert. Very Hot or spicy candy also works.)

Just finished traffic school.

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That during World War II the Japanese attacked Oregon and other North American sites with fire balloons. I never knew any actual attacks had been made on mainland U.S. targets during the war. Apparently they were singularly ineffective.

The subject came up during dinnertime conversation, after which I looked it up.

I don’t have any particular plans to use this information, but I firmly believe that nothing you ever learn is wasted. There is no such thing as useless knowledge.

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There is no such thing as useless knowledge.

That certainly is a maxim that I live by.

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@Jeruba That would have got you some points on QI a few years ago. :D

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I learned over the weekend that the gauze they give you when they draw blood is actually for something, even if you don’t bleed on the outside. I’ve got a big, beautiful bruise on the inside of my elbow to show for it. Lesson learned! Hold pressure on it!

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Never heard about fecal transplants until this afternoon.

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@jonsblond—this is the weirdest thing. My mom was talking to me about fecal transplants today. I totally forgot about that. She said some woman she knew got a fecal transplant from her husband and she was cured of Crohns disease or something like that. I think I blocked it out for some reason.

Just read the comment part of the article you sent—There’s a guy who gave himself a fecal transplant in his own bathroom! And he has a website devoted to it!!

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@keobooks My mother is fighting C.diff and they are using 2 antibiotics now. The doctors were talking about removing her colon, but they are trying this first. I’m the donor.

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I hope it works as well as the article claims—and as well as this woman who had it done claims. I’d get it done if they were talking about removing my colon. I hope it goes well for your family.

My mom was talking about it because she wanted to tell me about how chronic fatigue is now believed to be autoimmune related and she started gushing about all of the stuff she learned from her research.

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I guess it wasn’t today, it was last night, but I learned that Cracker Barrel is a chain restaurant from a post on a jelly’s Facebook page. I really had no idea, I was surprised to learn that.

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Thanks to Facebook I learned today that the grandson who is my namesake wants to enter the Navy like my dad and I did, and his older brother has done. I learned it trading barbs with his older brother (who posted a comment that only one of us can be in the Navy at a time) that while he’s currently a 2nd class Petty Officer, he’s well on his way to completing his undergraduate degree and qualifying for the Navy’s Enlisted Commission Program (ECP). He hopes to be a Marine Pilot.

Can you feel my pride in them beaming out at you?

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They about killed me at work today. I finally learned that I’m too old for this shit. (as Roger Murtaugh would put it).

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I just learned from @jonsblond about fecal transplants. Seems like they could just give a patient the right bacterias? Maybe it’s the same difference in the end, it just sounds cleaner if they grew the bacterias in vitro and used that.

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I learnt that pets can, and do, undergo gender reassignment. My sister’s dog has to get it done because of a severe stone problem. So, Jake will now be Jackie? I think they’ll keep his name though, as he’s about 5 years old now. I’ve never heard about this before. Who woulda thunk it?

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I turned off the junk TV show “Rules of Engagement” and spent 5 minutes watching a Ted Talk by David Pogue. 10 Time Saving Tech Tips
It was well worth the time. I learned several good keyboard shortcuts. I learned that the space bar will scroll you down the list of hits in a web search. I learned that * will bring you to the end of the voice mail message on a Verizon phone.
There were 8 others.

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I learned that my dissertation plan is far too ambitious, but that it’s still an interesting and important project. phew I plan to catch up on my sleep and then figure out how to rein in this beast!

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I learned all sorts of new stuff yesterday, about workflows and software programs, that my new boss and I get along very well, that it looks like it will be more work than I’d initially thought. (Day one of job training, complete!)

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@augustlan : Hooray!!! :D

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Some TAF code criteria.

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That, apparently, someone who used to work for the company and left because of her inability to get along with others is qualified to come back two years later as a manager, whereas the current employee who has stuck by through it all and is actually aware of the company’s current mission and business practices is not.

* eyeroll *

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If life were a video game, I would be a wicked fighter pilot.

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@cheebdragon what game have ya been playing?

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Tom Clancy’s Hawx, I’m a ★★★ General now

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hmmm I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been playing a lot of war thunder lately. Amazingly good WWII flight sim especially considering its f2p

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It’s old enough now that you could find it used for less than $10 at GameStop, but it’s still so popular that no matter what time of day it is, there will be at least 1–2 online death matches (dog-fights) going and several Campaign co-ops availiable.
People always trip out when they find out I’m a girl.

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Looks can be very decieving… always expect the unexpected :/

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I learned today that rock tumblers have to be fairly expensive before they work well and even then they seem far too fiddly and time consuming for me to take up as a hobby.

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@keobooks I just looked up rock tumblers….holy crap I didn’t realize how expensive some of them could be. I had a little rink-a-dink one as a child. I only used it a couple times but I feel like it worked pretty well but I honestly don’t remember how smooth the rocks where when I started the whole thing.

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That @mariah and I see the same birds, not surprisingly, since we are only 120 miles apart as the crow flies. The crow is one of our shared avian friends.

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@Keobooks if you ever decide to give it a go, let me know, I have a ton of rough opals.

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@cheebdragon Thanks for the offer! But nah.. I was just thinking about it because one of my grandfathers was really into it. I thought it might make a good hobby to go along with my magnifying glass/microscope hobby. But the tumblers I found that didn’t get terrible reviews were all over 150$ and when I saw that it took 3 weeks to have a finished product—and you had to do lots of meticulous cleaning and fiddling with the tumbler, I was like NO WAY!

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@keobooks what you don’t want to be driven crazy by the sound of rocks tumbling for 3 weeks straight?

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