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I'm fixing to get nipples pierced tomorrow can anyone tell me about there experience with this, how painful ECT. can anyone tell me bo?

Asked by Lee_27 (348points) June 16th, 2008 from iPhone


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ouchhhhhhhh. why would you do that? i can imagine the pain by just reading your question.

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Rebelling are we? Good for you girl.

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I assume you’re female? Wait until you encounter a bra for the first time!!!

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It’s a very personal decision, but I’ll say this just once, I a bad idea, first, analyze why you wanna do it, if you have a very powerful reason then go ahead, if you don’t just discard that idea, as a man, I wouldnt consider such thing as sexy or exotic (i wonder if there is anyone out there who actually considers that). you don’t need to get a piercing to prove anything, you actuallly don’t need to porve anything, but yea, any piercing is extremely paintful

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You might have a look at this account, seems imformative enough.

Piercings aren’t all that painful.

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I’m male and I like girls with nipples that are pierced. I have lots of friends (male and female) with them and nobody has ever complained about excessive pain. It will hurt but it is like getting a shot at the doctor. It will go away after a few minutes. I wouldn’t worry about it that much.

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I had my nipples peirced a year ago & it was a great experience. Don’t get me wrong, it hurt bad, but I loved having them. It does not go away in a few minutes. My boobs were sore for a week or two and I bled alot. When you go, make sure u bring a bra you don’t mind throwing away. It changes alot of things. U never notice how much stuff touches your boobs until they’re super sensitive. Get some dial antibacterial cleanser for your shower and the band-aids made for knuckles are the best for keeping the ring still for the first couple weeks. This makes me want to get mine repeirced….

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Just know that the area takes a long time to heal, like 4 months. I got sick of taking care of them do I took them out.

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I know a few girls who have had their nipples pierced to improve sensitivity. I personally don’t think its a big deal, and if you’re interested in doing it, just for it. If you don’t like em, just take them out.

You only get one life, shouldn’t be afraid to live it.

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Not in any way trying to dissuade you, but one thing to think about: Say you’re rendered unconscious. If they’re going to defibrillate you, they’re going to rip out all the metal on your torso. Post haste. Ow.

This from an ex-gf who was trained as an EMT. Can any EMT’s corroborate?

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LOL normally don’t try to live my life wondering what would happen if EMT had to defibrillate me but thats something to think about.

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Alright ive had both of my nipples pierced. The left one was done by my girlfriend with a safety pin and it was some of the worst pain ive felt like it hurt to wear a shirt for a week after. Then i decided to pierce my right one myself but it didn’t really hurt at all because i was doing it to myself i guess, unno. Anyway i pierced to close to the surface of my nipple(really small nipples) and the thickness of the ring in there caused my nipple to rip in half. It healed back together, so a couple months later i tried again, same thing happened so i let it heal and haven’t tried again since. I hear if you have it done professionally it really doesn’t hurt at all because its such a sharp needle. Im just to lazy to go.

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Wow, you must really hate yourself.

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Didja do it?

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I have a friend whose mother has her entire body covered in tattoos. Piercings came up in a conversation I had with her once. She told me that she had planed to get both of her nipples done when she was younger. After the first needle went through her flesh she refused to get the second piercing due to the excruciating pain she experienced. If a woman with enough endurance to ink most of her body can not handle the pain, I have deduced that the procedure may hurt tremendously.

I also know someone who says that hers get sore when she is on her period.

I am not apposed to them though. I think they are incredibly sexy.

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