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Has anyone experienced/considered childbirth at home attended by a midwife?

Asked by gimmedat (3943points) June 16th, 2008 from iPhone

Why or why not?

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and miss out on the epidural? No way!
My son was born in a hospital…...

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The daughter of a friend gave birth with a midwife, hypnotherapist and a doula in a pool of warm water. My friend was her birthing coach and had to be in the pool with her (no clothes for all parties). She said it was a beautiful experience.

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A friend of mine had a home birth with a midwife/doula. Long story short, the baby presented breech, the midwife freaked out and ran out screaming, their photographer friend had to take an instant crash course in childbirth, and the mother and baby almost died.

My daughter was born at home accidentally – a very rapid birth – and came out with the umbilical wrapped around her neck and her head was blue.

Summary: I don’t recommend home births. You can get touchy-feely in a low-risk situation any time.

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I think you should give it a try.

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No, father, I am not pregnant. I am just reading a book (fiction not informational). Did you hear me on the phone Friday night? I rest my case.

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I wouldn’t risk it for a second! Why anyone would take such an unnecessary risk when considering one of the most pivotal and important moments of one’s life (and the life of the unborn child) is beyond me! Before modern medicine intervened, countless women and their babies died during childbirth. To revert to those days for the “serenity” of a home birth is absurd.

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I have had four children, all born at home, no complications. But I live very near a major city hospital. Also my mum had 3 hour labours. I was lucky and had the same. If you’re thinking of home birth, look at family birth history and prepare with yoga, breathing exercises and a great diet.

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