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Firefox or Internet Explorer?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 16th, 2008 from iPhone
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Safari, actually.

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duh firefox.

heck, even safari is having issues (carpetbomb) fixed now, but still.

firefox 3.. tomorrow!

IE sucks, that’s where all the problems for windows computers come from these days are websites full of trojans and excuse my french, shit, which is loaded on the internet, get firefox and you won’t have any issues.

plus firefox is far faster than IE, and just about as fast as safari (not a noticable difference), but that can be fixed if you fix your piping on firefox to 8 rather than the default 3.

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For the third time Firefox. This question has been asked so many times in so many ways.

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firefox ftw!

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otherwise, firefox, leaves a smaller memory footprint, loads pages faster…still not as fast as safari though, especially with safari 4 on the way…

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There are too many useful add-ons for Firefox that I’ve come to rely on. I will never go back to IE.

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I was going to say exactly the same as XCNuse: duh, Firefox. I suppose Safari-lovers would also go for Firefox if they had to choose between the two ;-)

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I agree firefox is so much better I used to always use IE until my husband converted me boy am I glad I would never use IE again for so many reasons.

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IE makes me want to smash by head into the monitor while waiting…

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IE makes me want to take immunity shots its that bad….

i haven’t had a virus or anything since i switched to firefox.
can’t wait for FF3 download day, only got almost 4 more hours!!!

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Firefox!! I have suggested it to so many people who then come back and ask why the heck I did not show it to them years ago….the only issue I have ever ran into is some of my companies internal content works much better using IE because it was built specifically to run on that (bad idea if you ask me, oh’well) so I simply use the “switch render engine” plug-in for Firefox and there I have it, I can view IE specific plug-ins w/o ever leaving my stable browser…..

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IE for corporate web sites. Can’t get around it.

Firefox for coding and development.

Safari for minimality. (wow! that’s a word! didn’t even blip the spell check)

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BTW, I expect I’m in the minority on this, but does anyone else prefer the way Safari renders fonts to the other browsers?

The text on Fluther in the new FF3 looks so spidery and washed out. Ugh.

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Firefox. Although computers vary (for example, firefox is slow on my friend’s computer), most people find Firefox great. Its flexibility in the layout is incredible.

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