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So how do I get the benefit of green tea and honey without the rush?

Asked by Pandora (27757points) June 12th, 2013

I’m trying something new. I recently started taking green tea to help improve my health and found out that drinking honey will also help. The best benefit to both is that it gives me a rush of energy that last for hours. I haven’t felt this energetic in months. I feel like I could burst into a run around the neighborhood.

Well one of the benefits is that one should have a drink at night. The green tea was fine to take at night with no such effect but the honey really gets me going.

Part of my new health routine is to make sure I get proper sleep and so I need to go to bed soon. I don’t want to stop taking the honey because it is suppose to be beneficial for my liver so it can do a proper job as I sleep.

It probably won’t help me tonight but I would love any suggestions on how I can still take the honey at night without the jump in energy. I know it isn’t the green tea. I feel the same way just taking honey with warm water. Sorry this is long.

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The honey is spiking your blood sugar, so I’d avoid it at night. Sorry to break it to you that way, but that’s what is happening.

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Have seconds on honey at your late lunch hours. Mmmmm maybe with a little yogurt.

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It’s puzzling that green tea didn’t keep you up at might before you combined it with honey.
( It certainly will keep me up, more than a cup of coffee )
It has caffeine in and it should keep you up…
I’d lay off the green-tea nightcap, with or without honey, if I were you.

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I am sensitive to caffeine, but green tea doesn’t usually bother. I do have problems with caffeinated coffee. From what I understand, the caffeine in GT is smaller in quantity and is of a different type from that in coffee. Maybe try agave nectar instead of honey. Agave has a lower glycemic index.

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Maybe you can take a honey or royal jelly pill? Someone has got to be making one of those…

Why do you need to take the honey at night? Would it not benefit your liver equally well during the day?

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You could try less honey and steep some cloves in with the green tea.

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@bookish1 Taking honey before bedtime is suppose to help with brain function by making it readily available and processed by the liver. In turn it is quick fuel for the body as you sleep. Ok to do, so long as you are not overdoing it or have insulin problems. Since doing it, I do wake up more energized and alert. It usually takes me 2 hours before I am alert in the mornings. I don’t like to eat late because it will bother my stomach and make sleep difficult. So far, honey seems to be the answer.
I think I’m just going to cut off taking the tea with it.

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