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I watched "Waiting for Superman" and was wondering if we can come with creative ways of dealing with lemon teachers?

Asked by tenureandandlemons (162points) June 30th, 2013

Lemon teachers are below average tenured workers who can’t be fired and are transferred to other schools in exchange for another schools lemon.
I’ll start with an outrageous plot.

Make a bogus lottery where the teacher wins enough to retire from teaching… somewhere around the lines of $500,000 and watch them move away and never bother another school ever again a small price to pay.

Another is to give early pensions to teachers who under perform.

Third Just ask the teacher to retire/quit. Or attend classes to be a better teacher.

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Get Batman to do something about it.

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Find out why they are ‘slacking’ and try to solve these underlying personal issues.
but that requires a culture that prefers rehabilitation over the erection caused by punishment

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Why don’t you train them?

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Get rid of tenure.

Train them.

Transfer them to a non-teaching position.

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