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Do you always take the tops off fireworks mortars and cakes before lighting them?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38284points) July 2nd, 2013

I always take the tops off and expose every tube. I like to make sure the tubes are all round and smooth and have no overhanging edges. I also use deck screws and attach the mortar tubes and cakes to a 4 ft x 4 ft pallet that has been painted with high temperature cooking grill paint. Am I being too much of an engineer? Do you bother making sure your fireworks cannot move? Or do you just light ‘em and let ‘em fly?
I love fireworks and July 4th!

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I always take inventory of my fingers each morning, and am generally pleased that there are still ten…

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The level of preparation/safety always starts out rather high and decreases rapidly as the night progresses (as BAC increases). I do always have a hose on hand though in case anything happens.

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I hate fireworks.

Proud member of team ten fingers.

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I’ve never set fireworks up. I think they’re illegal without a licence here? I think… I see them sometimes but I always wonder if people just bought them under the counter. I think we can only have official fireworks displays now.

Do lots of people set fireworks off on July 4th? Are there many accidents?

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Fireworks are so overrated, basically burning money.
Glad to see you’re so anal about health & safety though, i’m pleased for you, I really am.

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I have been ripping off the paper tops off for many years and either screwing things down or using duct tape to hold them in place. I’ve never had an accident. Typically 1200–1400 fingers and toes arrive and the same numbers leave all attached.
The reason I asked is that another guy mentioned he does not bother and has not had a problem. I can’t find any ‘official’ recommendation.

@uberbatman The BAC of the operators are always near zero.
@Bellatrix .They are big in my area. It is possible to get a permit, if you have hoses, parking, space, operator, insurance, etc.

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Oh @ucme! Fireworks can be fabulous. I like the really huge displays though. Like the Sydney Harbour Bridge dripping with fire and colour. Looks amazing.

I was always terrified on bonfire night that a rocket would come down and land on me.

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@Bellatrix Yeah the spectacular new year displays are incredible, loved the olympic opening/closing ceremony show too.
Aside from those though, puny home displays…meh!

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What? Your city doesn’t set off fireworks? That’s the safest way to enjoy fireworks. I love 4th of July fireworks. I usually drag my husband to the event. I did my best when husband’s neice and nephew were young to take them a few times, because my husband’s family is not American and didn’t really get how it is a big thing when you are a kid. This year we will see them at Seaworld in FL.

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@ucme I can assure you, these are not puny. And I can position them right where I want them to be. We get much cloer than allowed at public displays. We put blankets down and lay on our backs looking up. You can feel the concussion twice – one from the lift charge and one from the burst /report.

@JLeslie The beauty of doing at my place is.. well… it’is at my place. I don’t have to go anywhere. No traffic or parking hassles. Cars just line I can start them when I want and I can start the bonfire as soon as they finish. Fun.

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Put blankets down & lay down waiting for a bang…sounds good.

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@LuckyGuy Not fun to me. But, I won’t be there so it doesn’t matter.

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@ucme Unfortunately the bang comes only 2 seconds after the flash. At least there are multiples.

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…and paying for it too, not good value.

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… a bang with no chance of an unwanted pregnancy.

The memories are priceless.
Everyone had a wonderful time. Great food, conversation, and experiences. Perfect.

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