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What the hell is wrong when i create connection btw navicat and mysql?

Asked by stephen (351points) June 18th, 2008
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This probably isn’t a bug or issue with the MySQL server. The possibilities are:

1) Login password for root is wrong
2) The account doesn’t have a password

Have you tried connecting without a password?

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Also, can you connect to the MySQL server by other means?

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@richardhenry,first thanx and i tried the connect without pw, its still not working ,and i have tried the evaluated account that navicat provides
Host name/IP address:
Port: 4406
User name: navicat
Password: testnavicat
still not work!

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O M G! th pw is wrong!! shit,i m so stupid, appreciate so much for ur tips!! i just wanna give u hundreds of “great answer” for ur suggestion! thanx again!!

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