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What do you think about these weight loss shows that make women get into bike shorts and bra tops to weigh in, men just in shorts no shirt?

Asked by JLeslie (65333points) July 8th, 2013

I don’t like the shows in general, but I really have an issue with making them get half naked.

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I watch the Biggest Loser religiously.
I love to see the transformation from the first day to the final results.
I love to see what they can accomplish with so much hard work and dedication.
That being said, I totally agree with you about the clothing (or lack thereof) that they wear at the weigh in’s. It’s disturbing, to say the least.

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@JLeslie The people are getting weighed in as close to their actual weight as they can without being naked. That’s normal, I weigh myself before I get in the shower, not when I am fully clothed.

It also gets them weighed wearing the same type of outfit each time and the same as the other contestants, so it keeps it consistent.

Your and @Katniss‘s objections seem to be that you don’t like seeing obese bodies. You don’t have to watch if it makes you uncomfortable.

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@zenvelo They can wear a t-shirt and shorts and still get an accurate weigh in. There is no great math skill in subtracting the weight of the garment.

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I think it’s sensationalist & humiliating. Another ploy to up the ratings, I assume.

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@zenvelo Wrongo. My fiancĂ© is overweight and I love his body. He’s super sexy.
My objection is that the show has the contestants dressed in so little when they could have them a little more covered and still get an accurate weight.
Perhaps I was unclear in my response, sometimes I forget that others can’t read my mind. :0)

I also stated that I enjoy the show because I love to see the transformations from beginning to end. Obviously if I were uncomfortable watching overweight people I wouldn’t tune in every week. I’ve watched it every season since it started airing.

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After reading @Katniss’ answer I want to add it has nothing to do with the viewer, I am talking about the comfort level of the person on the show. I don’t think showing their chest or midriff is necessary. I know people who are only 20 pounds overweight, who look great, and they still might be uncomfortable being so bare. Hell, I know people who are not overweight at all who might be uncomfortable.

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If the participants had a problem with it, they wouldn’t be on the show! Nobody is forcing them into it.

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I weigh myself naked, so why not? Seeing a half naked human being doesn’t bother me. You see much more scantily clothed people at the beach and no one seems to find that disturbing.

Also, what @janbb said.

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I hate it. I know they sign up for it voluntarily, but I feel so bad for them.

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@KNOWITALL Why? Just because they’re big doesn’t mean they are humiliated by others seeing their bodies. If they were, they wouldn’t sign up for the show in the first place – the whole country is going to be looking at their bodies in all kinds of unflattering positions. And sometimes, being embarrassed is part of their motivation in that it’s all the more reason to change. All those people have seen the show before – they know exactly what’s going to happen; no force necessary and no reason to feel bad for them. I commend them on being brave. I’m not overweight and I’d be too chicken shit to be on a show like that (and not because of half-naked weigh-ins).

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I have only seen the advertisements for these shows, but I would think it would be easier for the viewer to see what changes are made to the body after losing weight if the person is wearing as little clothing as possible. The before and after views will have a greater impact on the viewers and the person losing weight when they see what has changed underneath all that clothing.

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I wonder why they do weigh-ins when muscle mass, from what everyone tells me, weighs more than fat. They show 40 minutes of someone working out then they gain a pound and then they’re shamed into crying.

Because everyone likes to see the fat person cry.

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@mrentropy At their biggest, muscle gain should not overcome fat loss. With all the calories they burn, they should still lose weight each week until they drop down to a smaller size, even though they’re gaining muscle mass. “I’m just gaining muscle” doesn’t really work when you’re 300+ pounds.

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@livelaughlove21 I can go with that even though when they get to the point where they’re putting on a pound they’re usually under 300lb. It’s usually near the end of the series when that starts happening.

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