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If you were going to be on one of those home improvement shows, what would you wear?

Asked by Kardamom (33281points) January 22nd, 2018 from iPhone

I watch a lot of the home improvement/house hunting shows and I’m always surprised by the overly casual way some of the folks dress, even though they’re going to be on TV.

I completely understand wanting to dress comfortably, but I can’t imagine turning up for filming wearing flip flops, ripped jeans, Daisy Dukes, bare midriffs, or revealing tops.

Would you wear any of the above if you were going to be on any of these shows?

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I suspect that the attire is dictated by the producers, to impress upon the audience what kind of people the depicted are.

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I too find it ridiculous. The guys have work boots and heavy shirts while the women have bare arms and a silly tool belt.
I’d show up with safety glasses with side shields, leather work gloves , a long sleeved shirt I do not wear the tool belt while working. It is only used for carrying the tools to the spot where the work needs to be done. I do not need a drill hooked to my side while I’m hammering.

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@Luckyguy, I was more referring to the couple buying the house, when they show up to look at properties.

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Probably jeans.

@LuckyGuy It’s like Crocodile Dundee. They’re out in the bush. He has on long protective clothing, while she’s in a skirt and a THONG!!! Oh man. The sweating and the itching. We go to ridiculous lengths to sexify women.

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Something plaid. I don’t own anything plaid…

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A hat. I don’t know how many times a hat has saved my scalp!

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