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Gabapentin and dyslexia. Anyone seen these two used together before?

Asked by woodcutter (16342points) July 19th, 2013

Anyone ever seen this used in conjunction with?

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In what way? Gabapentin is neurontin- used for nerve damage, and pain control. Used for neuro/muscular pain(neuropathy) and seizures I guess..I am saying, ummmm, too

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No not prescribed for that because there really is no prescription for dyslexia. I should have been more clear. There is this guy…who never knew he was possibly dyslexic until way later in life. Guy is prescribed Neurontin for an unrelated thing and there may possibly be a clash. Maybe someone has heard of it? I can’t google it with any success that’s why I am looking here.

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I would doubt there’d be any problems.

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I was hoping to coax a pm out of someone who was dyslexic to weigh in. It would not be right for me to expect they do it right out in front of us all, given how it effects some. Some people might rather not do it. or they might. But Its not something that should be demanded for the sake of an online discussion site not affiliated with this. Does that make sense?

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I see that one of the side affects can be problems with concentration. Maybe that would cause a problem for someone with dyslexia?

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I’m dyslexic and haven’t heard of this connection. As I understand it, those psychoactive meds can be pretty hardcore and affect different people in very different ways. I’m skeptical of the dyslexia link, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t produce symptoms that seem similar (such as having a hard time reading). As I understand dyslexia, it’s something you typically inherit and isn’t triggered by a substance or event of any kind.

Despite my condition, I’m not a huge expert in the field so I certainly could be wrong.

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Yes, infact I stumbled apon something as I am the human lab rat that was prescribed this medicine for lyme disease pain. While I was in a mental hospital, and then induced it by smoking THC the day I got home.

What it did for me was to be able to use my knowledge really well and the extra 4.6% that people use with dyslexia in their frontal lobe.

It has been about a month on 100mg of Gabapentin 3 times a
Day and I am only inducing more IQ out of my brain.

My ability to hyperfocus on any one subject is like no other and I can problem solve anything and come to a logical conclusion.

What I think, and I have not taken an IQ test yet, is that what I am experiencing is my brain is now able to use most of the synapses in the frontal part of my brain, And that is how a person gets a high IQ.

I can problem solve like a mother fucka because if you use logic and overthink something you can come to a conclusion

Hope this is what you were looking for

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