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What are you trying to change/improve about yourself?

Asked by jlm11f (12403points) June 19th, 2008

I have noticed that I am always trying to change or improve some part of my personality/life. Such as right now I am working on changing my sleep schedule (with little luck) and am working on my temper (that one is going a lot better). Are you trying to change something about yourself or learn something? Or are you just perfect? :)

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Health (diet and exercise)
Social life

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Always wanting to avoid poor food choices (somewhat successful) and build exercise habits (thank goodness for dogs—they who must be walked).

I also am working on improving my procrastination habit, that is to say, decreasing same.

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Sorry! I meant this to be a part of the question – And how is that working for you?

@ Marina – I have given up on trying to solve my procrastination habit. It’s one problem that is just too hard to tackle. I asked this question because its always good to know how others are doing with their goals because it motivates me to keep up with mine!

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I love reading, so i keep with that one, diet, a lil’ bit of excercise, also I’m trying to get the car of my dreams or at least approach to it, everything is working out, but it’s kind of hard, but I enjoy it! Also, I’m trying to be more relaxed (i’m way too stressed) that’s the hard one :(

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-Better eating habits.
-I stopped taking adderal to study recently… I’m definitely trying to stay off.
-I’m trying to study Italian for at least 2 hours a day (after my summer school class).
-I just got a better mountain bike; now I’m working on bunny hopping higher.

And I’m trying to be less of a pushover with my girlfriend.

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im trying to not care as much of what other people will think of me. im trying to be more spontaneous and have a better social life. so far, i feel a lot happier.

im also trying to learn afrikaans.

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I’m endevouring to watch more television and make it a goal to try each new fast food restaurant that hits town. Still unsure whether or not I can invest in the commitment smoking involves.

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Got some personal trainer sessions coming up next week. I’ve procrastinated on that part for long enough.

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This is always my favorite interview question! Love to see how uncomfortable people get when answering; trying to give a good example but not talk themselves down :)

As for me: A little while ago it was to get stuck in to more hobbies/creative outlets. Now it’s trying to organize myself….

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I’m trying to eat healthy and lose my small but existent teenage gut.

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To take good care of myself, physically, emotionally, and lighten up

To stand up for myself more, without being too bitchy – I was raised to be nice and polite but lately I feel like I get taken advantage of

To be the best spouse and stepmom I can be – patient, understanding, loving…and fun!

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I’m working on being more spontaneous, and expressing myself more often. I get a lot of practice here. :) GQ, PnL!

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I am trying to improve my perception of humanity and peace within myself, it’s taking a lot, but I am making strides.

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I’m trying to Fluther more.

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1.To learn how to “just say no!”
2.To complete one task before beginning three more.
3.To stop spreading myself too thin.
4. If #2 or #3 doesn’t work, revert to #1.
what a vicious cycle

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1. Improve on my language, it has gotten worse since I moved house sadly. It is getting a bit better. A little bit.
2. Do something other then sit at the computer all evening, includes doing more photography, getting a little bit active and the like
3. Get to bed earlier, it’s like midnight now and I get up at 5:50am sigh.
4. Be less hypocritical, I guess that’s how I am as a human but it would be nice to see large improvements in that area.

And a number of other things including do more school work…

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Try n not to hold grudges. When someone is mean or does something to me that I think is wrong I hold it against them FOREVER

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I am trying to fluther less at work after the ball & chain resorted to asking if it was an appropriate activity on fluther.

Working out okay…my lurve has suffered.

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I’m trying to get a grip. It is taking a lot longer than I had hoped.

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I’m trying to lose a bit of weight here.

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Welcome to Fluther JacksterD, I hope you succeed in losing the weight you want (or don’t want, hah) :)

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Thank you all for answering i forgot about this Q temporarily, but lurve for all! Hope everyone has made some improvement in this goal since they answered the Q. I definitely have been able to improve my sleep schedule a lot but it still needs work of course. And now I have two new goals – fluther less (study more) and get back on that exercise routine that got messed up in the last 2 weeks. Good luck to all!

Welcome to Fluther JacksterD, hope you enjoy your stay!

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lose weight, lose weight and……...lose weight ;)

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