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I can't eat ____ without ____. Tuna salad without potato chips? latkes without sour cream? sushi without pickled ginger? What is it for you?

Asked by Jeruba (55881points) August 4th, 2013

What’s an all-or-nothing combination for you?

This isn’t just about preference. If you actually refuse a portion or a meal of some particular food because your required accompaniment is missing, that’s your answer.

I actually could eat strawberry shortcake without whipped cream, but I’ve walked away from sushi because there was no more shaved ginger. What would you walk away from if you couldn’t have it your way?

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Mushy peas with vinegar. I don’t like vinegar on anything else but I can’t eat mushy peas without it.

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Coffee without lots a yummy stuff in it. But I don’t drink any coffee anymore, more’s the pity. Sad for me.

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pride… humility

Celery… Crunchy Peanut Butter

Spinach… Mushrooms

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Tuna Sandwich / Hands
Potato Salad / Fork or Chopsticks

Squash / Gagging

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Ice cream… water

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I can’t drink coffee without creamer.

…cottage cheese without pepper

…beer without smoking a cigarette

…fish and chips without malt vinegar

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I can’t eat poached eggs (which I love) without buttered rye toast to put them on, ribeye steak without ketchup and Worcestershire sauce, prime rib without horseradish sauce, oysters without cocktail sauce and crackers, corned beef and cabbage without spicy mustard and rye bread, warm pudding or cobbler without heavy cream, or corn on the cob without those little plastic holders you stick into each side of the cob.

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Eggs without Benedict, he’s a simply fabulous chef don’t you know.

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Brownies / chocolate without milk.

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Soup and bread. I neeeed bread with soup.

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Soup without crackers (or croutons, or something crunchy).
Chili without cheese and sour cream (or something else to cool down the heat).
Grapenuts cereal without butter/margarine.
Plain chocolate without something crunchy in it.

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> Plain chocolate without something crunchy in it.

And that just seems so perverse to me.

I hope this won’t spoil our friendship, Auggie dear.

There’s nothing you can put into chocolate that’s better than the chocolate it’s displacing. It’s just taking up space that ought to be occupied by chocolate, and ruining the texture to boot.

No wonder we have to have different religions.

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Haha, I didn’t even like chocolate for years. I was one of those kids who had to have a white chocolate bunny in my Easter basket!

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Banana with peanut butter.
Otherwise, bananas make me
want to hurl.

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Everyone here is so strange….

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Can’t eat bean with bacon soup or chili without refreshing with crumbled, fresh crackers after every few bites. Don’t like it when the crackers get soggy!

NO crackers or other Things in my ice cream, though.

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I can’t eat/drink…
… coffee with sugar and cream.
… eggs without salt.

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I used to not drink coke with ice. That is kind of backwards from the question, but since the standard is to serve it with ice, I think maybe it counts for the Q.

I can’t eat tuna salad without celery or a crunchy lettuce or both.

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^^^ Yep, and, I can’t drink alcohol with food, gak, give me ice water only.
I can’t eat mexican food without BOATLOADS of salsa. Made some home made today…mmmm
I I can’t eat breakfast until I have had coffee for at least one hour prior, preferbly 2. lol

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@Coloma Yep on which thing? Or, do you mean both things I named?

Funny, years ago I would have had a much longer list to give here, but as I aged I am not near as picky as I used to be.

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@JLeslie Yes, both! :-)

JLeslie's avatar

@Coloma We might have to get married. My husband and I both ordered coke with no ice on our first date. Match made in heaven. LOL.

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@JLeslie Yes, and…HAVE to have celery in tuna and chicken salad. :-D

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Scrambled eggs without cheese
Burger without cheese
Roast beef without horse radish
Tacos without cilantro & hot sauce
Buffalo wings without bleu cheese

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Gyro without tzatziki. Seriously, that would suck.

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Bacon without tomato. It is just meant to be together.

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Pancakes without creamy large curd cottage cheese.

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@Coloma I’m comin’ over for breakfast.

@Sunny2 Pancakes and cottage cheese? What did your parents do to you?!

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French fries without ketchup (or some other creamy sauce).

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Oh man…when I traveled in Asia all the french fries at the McDonalds are served with Wasabi mayo, so damn good! I have not been able to make Wasabi mayo…damn shame it is. haha

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Food without my mouth and tortilla chips without salsa.

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Tacos without sour cream

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Food without insulin (!).

Breakfast without something savory.

Fried potatoes/French fries without ketchup.

Eggs without black pepper.

Indian food without beer (well, it’s a damn good combination!)

Almost any cuisine without coriander.

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French fries without a boat load of salt.
Baked potatoes without a ton of butter.
Scrambled eggs without cheese.

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Coffee without cream
Hot dogs without mustard
Chicken-fried steak without cream gravy (there might be a law about that)
French fries without ketchup
Eggs without lots of black pepper
Tortilla chips without salsa

Good lord, that list looks unhealthy. Other than my daily coffee and the fairly frequent chips/salsa, I rarely eat these foods.

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food without a mouth.

Dutchess_III's avatar

We could always install a feeding tube down your nose @ragingloli.

ucme's avatar

He prefers it up the arse.

ragingloli's avatar

I do indeed. Your point?

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No, it certainly wasn’t my point.

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Porridge with brown sugar and milk.

Dutchess_III's avatar

^^^ Half n half.

@ragingloli Would like that point, even if it wasn’t yours @ucme.

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Oreos without milk

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Macdonalds without a barfing bag.

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Farina kasha without kolbasa

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pork without broccoli

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Bean burritos without salsa.

Bright orange cheese nachos without pickled jalapeños.

Coffee without some kind of creamer (milk, soy milk, cream).

Cheese sandwich without mustard.

Pizza without crushed red pepper flakes.

Samosas without chutney.

Spring rolls without a dipping sauce.

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a potato chip / having another

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Tums without heartburn.

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It’s official. From now on I can never eat a mildly hot taco again with out having a cold bowl of ice cream afterwards!

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Love the “it’s official” part haha!

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Well, I just learned it today! I made taco meat, and made it a little spicier than I like for Rick. And we happened to have ice cream in the freezer. It all worked. :)

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cereal without milk, peanut butter and jelly without bread, sushi without wasabi, curry without rice, onigiri without out pickled plum, nature valley crunchy granola bars without a hammer to smash it to a size without cracking teeth, enchiladas without a pico de gallo, grapes without peanut butter, cucumbers without salt, pizza without ranch, clam chowder without the clams

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^^^ You can’t tell me you haven’t grabbed a handful of dry Cheerios and munched on them as is. And clam chowder without clams wouldn’t be clam chowder. It would be milk gravy.

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@Dutchess_III I don’t like Cherrios wet or dry

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I won’t eat my Cheerios without milk and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

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I mean ANY cereal @shego.

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