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How do I put in eye drops with out flinching, squinting and blinking?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) August 5th, 2013

I never seemed to get it right, do I put the medicine directly on the pupil or do I close my eyes and blink it in?

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You pull down the lower lid slightly and squirt the drop (s) into the little depression. You don’t want to touch the eye surface if you can help it. Once the drop is in, you can blink. In fact, it is impossible not to.

Here’s a step-by-step illustration of how to do it.

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I pull my upper and lower lids apart, look way up and over to the side opposite of the bottle (preferably looking toward a mirror for better aim), squeeze a drop in, and blink a few times. The way @gailcalled mentioned is also good, but I could never manage to get the fluid in the little pocket, as most of it just dripped down my cheek.

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^^^ See the illustrated description in my link; it shows details that make the odds slightly better at getting it right.

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@gailcalled I’ll check it out, but I’ve gotten pretty damn good at doing it my way.

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If it works, forget the research.

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My pediatrician taught me the easiest way years ago. Close your eye, put drops on innermost corner, open your ye (while lying down.) Drops go in the eye.

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I’ve been putting drops in my eyes for so many years I don’t even think about it anymore. All the above ways work, but also try squirting a big drop into the inner corner of each eye and blink.

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I just hold it above my eye and then pick a spot over the eye drop to stare and then squeeze the bottle. Biggest mistake is to stare at it straight on. You will blink the moment you see the drop coming down.

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@janbb has the most fool proof way. I managed to put eye drops on the most squirmy toddlers that way.

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I just tilt my head back, open my eyes, and drop them in.

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One finger on the top lid, one on the bottom, (same hand) and other hand uses the drops.

As a long-term contact wearer, I suggest you start washing hands and touching your eyeball every day to inure yourself to flinching. After a while it won’t bother you at all.

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I do the same as @janbb suggested. I just can’t get drops in otherwise.

I desperately tried to use contacts, but I couldn’t get them in my eyes. Glasses forever.

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