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How did you all hear about this site?

Asked by redsfan1324 (184points) June 19th, 2008

i heard about it from a Sleeping At Last Myspace bulletin. :D

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I was one of the iPhone featured web app dicoverers

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I purchased a membership to fluther from a very reputable online retailer after seeing it on the apple app site.

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Fluid site, to be precise, this picture

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I also heard about it from Sleeping At Last.

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Apple’s iPhone web apps page.

Rotwang's avatar censored my question. So I did some research and found this place. (After I appealed twice, Yahoo agreed with me and reinstated my question, three weeks later.)

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Bulbatron told me about fluther so I checked it out and here I am.

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One of our fellow flutherites told me after I asked him what he was doing and witnessed him on here ALL the time. I had to check it out myself and now I am on here ALL the time!

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I was recruited by the U.S. government under the Patriot Act to monitor this site for terrorist activity.

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Apple web app page. Boring, but it works.

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Please search to see if the question has been asked before, before you ask a question.

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My brother told me about it as an iPhone-friendly site last summer. He gave up on it rather quickly, but I’ve continued to lurk.

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Since I’ve been here, this question has been asked about a bajillion times. I get less and less enthusiastic about it every time.

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I found it on a list of social networking sites from a marketing company. I dutifully created my profile, and then fell in love with the Fluther experience and never looked back. Note: I never check any of the other sites I registered on. I only have eyes for Fluther, which turns my insides to jelly—fish that is.

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A friend told me about it.

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Way to go, Kevbo! Still giggling! Oh yes! Mine, it was the webapps on

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I played on an Ultimate Frisbee team with Ben, and he told me about this start-up he’s been working on. Been happily Fluthering since. Oh, and that team Ben and I were on won the league championship. Hell yeah.

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A rather nasty thread on metatalk about Fluther led me here. And then I never left.

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An article in Slate magazine.

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Apple web apps

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Apple web apps, way back when I first bought my Iphone when they first came out. I recall fluthering on my vacation last year during the week of July 4!

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Google. Typed in a how-to question, and voilĂ .

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sccrowell (see above), is solely and wholly responsible for my intrusion. She’s culpable…blame her!

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NY Times article. The first one, not the second.

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@whatthefluther Rather, I thank her! I enjoy the both of you!

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Just wanted to say, “thank you!”

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I stumbled in here during a google search.

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I followed Biz Stone on Twitter and he mentioned Fluther. The rest is (well, the briefest) history!

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