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What is the most valuable item that you got cheap, cheap, almost by accident?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42268points) August 12th, 2013

Like at auction or a garage sale or Goodwill? I bought a couple of shirts at Goodwill for a couple bucks each. I wore one of them yesterday, and decided I like it even more than I did when I saw it. Something about it, the way it felt, the way it flowed….I just checked the label. 100% silk. Yay! It was probably a $60 shirt new.

I’ve gotten a lot of other things, mostly furniture and knick knacks, that are worth more than what I paid for them. This is a pretty good example. I paid $10 for one at a second hand store, and about 15 years later I found another at a garage sale. I paid $5.00 for it.

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A clothes cabinet for $5… I just had to peel off the pink tape and I was fine, I don’t have it anymore.

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Yard sale, three reed baskets less than four inches in diameter each and a copper pie pan for two dollars and fifty cents.
Pie pan is really a Hudson Bay Gold Pan worth $100 to 150 dollars.

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I got a collection of novels by Forgotten realms, and Dragon lance for $1 a book.

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I just a great bargain the other day. I saw a second hand mahogany chest of draws, quite large at a sale. It was £70. I saw it was tucked away at the back with a sticker on it so thought perhaps it had been sold. When I asked they assured me it had not and it had been reduced to £30. I was well chuffed.

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What were they actually worth @talljasperman? I got this dresser for $80 at Auction. And four of these chairs and the table that went with them for $10. The table was junk though.
@LornaLove what is £70 in “Murkin?

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@Dutchess_III To me they were priceless, fantasy readers rarely share their collections with others… The books were $7 a book in 1990.

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I went to a store Christmas shopping. Two originally very expensive robes were marked down 75% off. The checker rang them up at 75% off the marked down price or $4.98. I tried to explain her error, but she poo-pooed me. I tried to explain it a second time, but my sister interrupted me and said, “You were always bad at math. Just let it go.” So I did and got them for ridiculously low prices.

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I bought a new suit from Land’s End worth more than $500 for 75% off and got free shipping. It is made of the finest Baird McNutt Irish linen and is simply exquisite. The free shipping was the accidental part.

Almost 30 years ago, a good friend gave me a first edition, signed copy of a twentieth century American classic novel. It’s invaluable.

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We went shopping for a brand new car, but ended up buying a wonderful used car with very low mileage on it, saving thousands of dollars. It just passed the 90k mark and is still a pleasure to own.

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Reminds me of a game we used to play. It was taught to us by a friend who was a park ranger (they do not make much money). It is called “Quien es el mas barato?” and is engaged in when someone makes a comment about how little they paid for an item. (“Oh yeah, well I got these shorts from goodwill and they gave me a dollar to take them..” and things like that).

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I got a $4000 Ethan Allen china cabinet for free, for adopting a dog.

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I was in Chicago in winter at a shop and really wanted a 600$ silk jacket. My (then) husband surprisingly agreed to get it for me, when we went to pay he was talking to the sales girl, who carefully removed the electronic security tag. Away we went. At the hotel, we realised we had not paid. It was snowing, and I didn’t want to walk all the way back. More recently, I found a wonderful teak sculpture in ann op shop that I know would sell in some areas for about 3 hundred dollars- 6 bucks.

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Two baby chicks, they were going cheap, cheap & so…

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This isn’t really an item – it was a meal. I was at a local restaurant last week and ordered a dinner that should have cost something like $13.89 (including tax).

The bill came and showed a balance of .09 (9 cents).

Well, being the honest person that I am, I brought it to the attention of the server, who promptly created another bill for me that was the right amount.

But for a moment there, I was feeling like I had gotten something for almost nothing.

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I became the mother to my Chewbacca kitty by accident, for free, and I value him an awful lot. Does that count?

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Yep! Where are the pictures??

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You’ve seen Chewy before!

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Let’s see her again!

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Okay, here. Yoda is the small black and Chewy is the big tuxedo. Got them both free, and they’re both incredibly valuable to me!

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I have this crock sitting on my back deck. I stuck a plant in it. I picked it up for a couple of bucks somewhere a few years ago. Just for the heck of it I decided to research a little…it’s worth $100!

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