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How or where in iTunes can I find my backed up music?

Asked by 2late2be (2292points) June 19th, 2008 from iPhone

I had to restart both my iPod and PC to factory settings :( and no, I did not backed up my stuff in CDs

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ouch im sorry :( if im reading this question correctly, im afraid your SOL. why didnt you back anything up before formating?

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that’s a question that I don’t need right now LOL

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Does it happen to be on an external HDD?

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How good are you with computers 2late2be?

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* POOF! *

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Any music legally purchased through iTunes can be retrieved and re-downloaded through iTunes.

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@dog, I know about my iTunes purchased music, but I had like 400 songs, movies off of limewire, when I changed iPods I used the same back up so I didn’t have to put all the music myself, I thought it would be the same.
@iceblu good to what? I would try anything believe me, I’m not too good but I don’t suck! LOL

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If that is the case then the first post I put applies.

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@2late2be Well everything is still technically there, you just have to recover it… but it’s not really something the average person could just do…

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c’mon tell at least I could try! Please! I’m begging you!

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Just to be clear, did you actually format the Hard Drive on your computer? If so, you’ve erased everything. As iceblu said, the data might still be there (ready to be overwritten) but that’s pretty damn hard to recover…

What about your iPod? Did you restore that too..? Just to be clear.

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both are completely restored, in my pc I have nothing, neither my iPod

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@2late2be Read up on how to use a program called GetDataBack NTFS/FAT32. Or Easy Data Recovery. I know for a fact you will get your songs back from your ipod if you use one of these programs correctly. If you need any help or you get stuck, feel free to PM me.

Your PC your not going to have much luck with , unless you have another computer you can hook your current HDD up to, because you can’t run the recovery on an active HDD. So you would need to pull your “Ut Oh i deleted everything drive” and hook it up to another computer and make it slave, then go from there and run the recovery.

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