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What are your biggest Fluther pleasures?

Asked by Pachy (18572points) August 22nd, 2013

Okay, so we’ve heard all the things we don’t like about Fluther. What are some things we love? Like being able to get answers to questions we somehow couldn’t find anywhere else…or being connected to people who share some of our views or give us other perspectives we hadn’t previously considered…or being able to share a bit of knowledge or personal experience that might help a fellow jelly…or, for us who write for fun or for a living, having someone point out a grammatical error or bad typo that might help us become better writers…or having a community manager and mod team who put in far more time and hard work for us behind the scenes than most of us know. So what’s your favorite thing about Fluther?

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Yay, i’m so glad this question appeared, was going to ask it myself actually.
Seems an awful lot of whiny, negative questions have popped up lately, nice to see the flip side.
My biggest Fluther pleasure, as i’ve said before, is the little “crafting a response” pencil, it’s so, so special…no idea why, it just is.

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For me, the thought provoking, interesting questions and answers get me thinking. It is great to have a fun or intelligent discussion with people who have a lot of intelligence and a broad spectrum of knowledge.
I find a lot of people at dinner parties or work don’t want to go past “chit chat” and friends have their lives to tell you about and catch up on.
So this is great to get a various range of interesting opinions on things which I may not discuss in every day life.

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It should be and can be and often is about having an open dialogue and interesting exchanges of thoughts.

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My biggest pleasure is getting to interact with you fine jellies. In many ways, I feel you are “my people”, as it were. For intelligent discussion, this place is basically it for me.

I feel the same way about podcasts I listen to about Comic Books and Society and Science. Those guys are “my people” too.

Other than my wife and daughter, I feel most connected with folks virtually (online). Just the way life is at the moment. But it’s okay, I’m happy to find enrichment wherever I can find it – even here in the lagoon.

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Nice comments, and my sentiment exactly. Keep ‘em coming and let’s stay positive.

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The friends I’ve made all over the country with people very different from me.

Helping other people.

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A fabulously heated debate, in which I’m actually active at the time of posting, so half the comments aren’t removed before I can read them.

I mean, yeah, moderation is important, but so is being able to understand a thread and jump in to the conversation.

Seriously, though, I like debate. A lot. With people who make me think and defend myself.

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I like seeing “Messages for You” written in bold font.

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My brother, the teacher and scholar, introduced me to the concept of Group Process, the behavior of..wait for it…groups. I feel the need, in aid of objective scientific inquiry, to check this out daily to make sure that this group is not different from all other groups. Such naches.

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Getting obvious answers to questions that I thought were tough is one of my favorite things about Fluther.

I love asking subtle questions and getting suitably subtle replies.

I equally love crafting questions that spark interesting answers.

I love many of my fellow jellies. I have made some friends here.

And pancakes.

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When people post really funny/witty threads. I also like some of the absurd threads, like the frizzer and CIA ones.

My other Fluther pleasure revolves around some of the members. I’ve gotten to know a few folks really well, and have formed some excellent friendships that have spilled over into “IRL.”

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The intellectual enjoyment, stimulation, and humor. Also getting to “know” some really nice peeps.
I’m mostly here for the learning, and to have fun. Girls just wanna have fun!
Also…in real life the pool of interesting friends has dwindled to a mere muddy drop on the sidewalk.
Next to my daughter fluther meets a lot of my needs for intelligent discussion and provocative thought.

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Okay, so the “peeves” version of this question has a few hours start, but look how more active it is.
Fair enough, everyone’s entitled to their personal bugs, but where’s the balance?
Maybe certain users prefer to overlook the positives in favour of the negatives, this despite claims to the contrary.

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Knowing I can count on some of you for virtual hugs, support and laughs when I need it. I consider some of you my Fluther sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles. You are the only reason why I stay.

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I love a good debate that teaches me something about both sides of the argument, those are the best threads.

I love the people here, I don’t know any of you in person but I consider you friends.

I love having somewhere to ask a question that I will enjoy reading the answers too. Simple one that.

I love getting lurve, not because of the points but because I like the fact that someone has appreciated what I had to say.

I love when @WillWorkForChocolate comes into a thread a says EXACTLY what is on her mind even if others are pussyfooting around an issue.

I love the “tell me something great that happened today” thread.

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I like you guys :)

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Reading about other people’s lives, problems, and points of view puts my life into perspective. I enjoy the humor, the personalities of the jellies and the life that all of us bring onto the site when we chat, banter, argue, talk about experiences and share this life we lead. Thanks to all of you!

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Suomen laama.

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Where’s the Finnish ––––––?

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@Leanne1986 You totally just made my day! (((HUGS)))

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I’m thinking!!

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Clearly, the mods are my favorite.
hey, stop throwing things at me, guys!

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I like the basic textile formatting, quality debates, higher writing standards and moderation. I like the fact that there’s a social and general section too.

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Mmmm….too bad you guys can’t share in my amazing, fresh from the garden, salad tonight.
Lemon cucumbers, torpedo cucumbers, sun gold grape tomatoes, baby zucchini, baby crooknecks and black olives in a balsamic dressing.
Fluther is garden fresh too…only a few rotten tomatoes in the basket. lol

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I like the community feel (regardless of when we all fight at times!). I like how the questions make me think about me and my relationship with the world or myself. There are some really great people here. I appreciate them and the time they take to answer my PMs. I also admire some people here greatly!

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@cookieman I so relate to your “my people” comment. The minute I stumbled on to this place, I was like, “So this is where ‘my people’ have been hiding all this time!” You guys are the best.

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The ratio of interesting people vs. annoying, stupid people that need to die is much higher here than in real life. That gives me pleasure. The community feeling is very nice as well.

Also the moderation is unparalleled.

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I got another, when I get along with someone who were previously polar opposites, both in terms of personality & viewpoints. Crossing swords & subsequently making up through shared common ground makes my tummy tickle…a bit.

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Thanks for all your positive comments.

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Gotta agree with @ucme . Nothing beats that moment when someone you’ve seen as an adversary starts looking like a friend.

Also, zapping spammers is kind of a rush

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@FutureMemory LOL….oh man, I am about to gas the little old lady next door. She is so freaking nosey…she is 96, spry as they come, mostly blind but damn can she HEAR!
She toddled over yesterday to ask me if I was talking on the phone out in my yard because she heard “voices!” Then she actually asked me..” Who were you talking ?!!!”

Jesus….I am nice to her of course, but she is so fucking annoying, I replied with humor when she asked who I was talking too ” wellll..I guess I was talking to someone I wanted to talk to.” lol
I swear….after years of living on properties this nosey neighborhood scene has my thoughts turning to mass murder.
I’ve got the little old lady hawkeye on one side and the echo location old broad on the other. haha

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@ucme “tummy tickle”? That’s interesting. I get a touch of tumescence.

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I feel like Fluther is frequented by real people… In most parts of the internet, I don’t get that feeling. I also like all those inside jokes, and I like to see someone’s problem solved.

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@ucme So I’ve tickled your tummy?

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I like it here because often, people come up to me and are all like, hey man, how’s it hanging? Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, like when you’re a kid and it’s Christmas.

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@janbb I’m surprised you can’t remember my leg kicking furiously, much like that of a puppy dawg.

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I like being part of this Jelly community and I also like that if I have a dilemma (not necessarily something google-able) I can bring it to the community for advice and opinions.

I have been here long enough that many Jellies are like friends to me and it makes me appreciate this site even more.

When I open my laptop, the three sites I visit regularly are my email, Facebook and Fluther. Fluther is a valuable part of my online routine!

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A gentleman has no memory.

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