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Do you share your life completely with someone?

Asked by spiritual (1271points) August 23rd, 2013

Meeting someone who I want to share everything with has been a revelation to me.
Have you got someone in your life, partner, family member or friend that you share everything with? No secrets, at all?
Or do you like to keep some things to yourself?

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I pretty much have no secrets from my husband of 30 years on Tuesday.

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I share much of my life with a dear friend but there are pockets of privacy in each of us.

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My husband. I used to be just as close to my sister, but the last 5 years have been strained.

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My wife and my daughter.

the boys too, but they’re men themselves and pretty used to the old man

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Just myself. I wouldn’t mind having that kind of person in my life, though. It seems like a great support system.

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I don’t think I have this relationship with anybody, and I don’t think I’m deprived because of it. I see a big difference between privacy and secrecy, and the former is a personal need of mine. There is nobody in my life that I have told absolutely everything to.

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No not my thing. I’m open about a lot but only so far.

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Yes; my fiancĂ© gets 100% of me (and yet he sticks around!). I held back in prior relationships and so did my exes. I decided that this time I was going to be the same me as if I were alone. I feel that withholding from ones beloved is unfair to both parties, and results in the clichĂ©d complaint: “You don’t even know me.” How can someone know you if you don’t let them experience the real you?

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Yes, myself and my pets. lol
Was married forever, been there, done that. Most people are not worth the energy expenditure. I am though. haha
I agree with @Mariah not deprived in the least, We all need to be our own best friends, the rest is gravy.

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I’ve never shared absolutely everything with anybody, nor has my husband. We share what we think the other would find interesting, discuss events and solve problems, but there are other things we don’t bother each other with. Neither of us gossip. Nor do we generally go into detail about inconsequential things. He’s never bored me and I hope I haven’t bored him, although, if I did, he’d probably be polite and not let me know. In over 50 years, we’ve only had 3 arguments that got heated.

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No. I share the most with my husband but not everything. Some thoughts I like to keep to myself. Not because I want to be secretive but I like to take my time mulling over ideas before spitting them out and getting an opinion. I am more of a listener. And other times there can be things you may say in the heat of the moment. So, I especially will not say anything till I am either sure of what is the best way of saying it, or I have resolved the issue without having to make a big deal of it.

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I have some negativity in me, every now and then, that I try to keep for myself.

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Absolutely not, and I like it this way. I have a wall and it keeps me safe. Too many predators out there, and I’m not even speaking from experience. ’‘pats wall’’

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I tell my mom everything.

In terms of relationships, I tend to be a little too open. The more you share of yourself the more it hurts when it inevitably ends. Keeping all your eggs in one basket is a bad idea.

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I have an identical twin sister. I have shared everything with her since the day I was born.

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No. I have no idea how it can be possible, but I’d like to discover it someday for sure.

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