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Would you rather have a very large laundry room, or a separate hallway?

Asked by JLeslie (54564points) August 24th, 2013

When you walk in the back door/garage door of your house do you like to have a hallway, or would you rather walk through the laundry room if it means your laundry room will be quite large? It would add three feet in width to the room and with the wall gone you could put a folding table or island even in the middle. The laundry will already be about 10×12, which is big to begin with in my opinion. So, it would be about 13×12 if I get rid of the hallway. I would put in a closet along one wall so space would be lost with that.

Also, if you have a split bedroom floor plan, would you prefer the laundry near the master or near the secondary bedrooms?

What’s your opinion?

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Where would the laundry room open into?
I would like the laundry closer to the master if it was practical since that’s where all the dirty linens end up.

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Having a large laundry area if preferable. The area you described sounds like our entry into our mudroom. This is where we have our washer and dryer. I love having the extra space to do laundry.

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Generally I prefer large spaces (especially for laundry). But dirt could be a factor. If there is a lot of dirt/grime coming in from that entrance I would want my laundry separate.

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Dirt isn’t a factor, it’s FL, so very little dirt tracks in.

I also liked the laundry near the master since I do the laundry, but around here it is uncommon to see it that way. Usually I see it near the other bedrooms, so I was curious to see if people thought it would be odd. In TN some of the houses jad a walk through from the master closet to the laundry room, which I think is awesome, and then there was also an entrance from a hall in the house.

The one negative about losing the wall space is less space for closets and shelving.

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Right now my laundry room is huge. They had the laundry (a small stackable) in a closet in the spare bathroom. Next to that was a room they used for a massage table but it was to small for a bedroom. We moved the laundry in there and put in a whole bunch of cabinets. It’s a little strange that its off the living room but the view from the living room window has you looking the other direction anyway, and you can always close the door.

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Our back entrance is into the laundry room. It’s the door we always use; the front door is for guests.

I would prefer a hallway, and a laundry room where we could close the door. We’re not clean freaks, but we keep a tidy house. Our laundry room never feels tidy due to the oddball garments hung up to air dry, or clothing on hangars waiting to be moved to closets.

We have a split bedroom floor plan; the laundry room is by the secondary bedrooms. I like it that way because it’s convenient for the odd ball laundry like kitchen linens, cleaning rags/towels, and wet/dirty clothing. It’s not a big deal to carry a laundry basket from the master suite to the laundry room. (one floor house)

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I would like a large laundry room, specifically so it could also be used for storage and/or a craft area, but I wouldn’t want to walk through it to walk into my house. I hate that. If that’s the only option, I’d take the hallway over a bigger laundry room.

In my dream house, the laundry would be very near the master bedroom, but with good sound proofing! I’d have a separate room just for crafts, and another room just for storage. Dream on…

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My large laundry room/ bird room is right off the garage entrance, front door for guests. I love it esp w bags.

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