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Am I allowed to transport plants across the state line, and into Oregon?

Asked by chad (694points) June 20th, 2008

I understand that traveling into California, plants will be confiscated upon crossing, and so I was wondering if this will also happen if crossing into Oregon. Thanks!

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They don’t check. The checkpoint is only for when you go from Oregon to California.

I live in Oregon and cross back and forth often.

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Thank you very much John!

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Within states is fine, but international you aren’t allowed to.

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I had no idea that they even checked what other states were bringing in.

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I was thinking a out bringing a hedgehog into California from Oregon.

I wonder if this will be possible to hide.

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California does it to protect their huge agricultural economy. We have had past episodes of mass spraying and it’s not fun. Since we feed a lot of the world, it’s important.

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Many states monitor and regulate agricultural imports.

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The check is painless. It would be super easy to hide a pet. I’m not sure that you would even need to. I don’t think that they check for them. As far as I know it is only fruits and veggies and plants that they care about.

The only time that they ever did anything more than ask was when we had a truck from U-Haul. They wanted to look inside the back of the truck.

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They are, however, illegal in CA, and if discovered will be ceased and either moved out of state or destroyed.

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