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Is Amazon Prime worth it?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37454points) September 3rd, 2013

First, I must make it clear that I do not watch television or DVDs or YouTube or any video of any kind. It’s a long, complicated story that I do not wish to engage in here, but it has to do with my mental illness. Having said that, I would not be using the many TV shows and movies available to Amazon Prime members.

I do, however, have 2 teenage daughters here on the weekends. They would probably be quite happy watching movies on Prime.

I would make use of the lending library, and I am sure I would enjoy the free shipping. As many here know from a couple of other recent questions I asked about online shopping, I am a new convert to buying lots of my regular items from Amazon now. (I am saving 38% on my favorite Mrs. Meyers laundry soap, and it will be delivered to my doorstep. That’s merely one example.)

Is the extra $79/year worth it?

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I’m not sure how it works in Hawaii but I enjoy my 2 day shipping very much. ¼ of the time the item comes the next day!

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Not for me. They ship FedEx as a default, and getting them to ship UPS was like pulling teeth. UPS delivery here comes in the morning and is usually 1 or 2 days faster than FedEx from the same shipper.

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My son paid $79 for his own membership and then took advantage of the opportunity to add some number of family members or friends (it may have been 3) who enjoy limited privileges. I’m one of those. I don’t get the videos, and I don’t watch TV either, but I do get the free two-day shipping. Calculating that regular shipping would ordinarily cost me $5 – $10 for a typical purchase, I counted how many times I used the free shipping. I stopped when I got to twenty. By then I figured I’d already got more than full value from his membership.

Before that, I always saved up orders until I had $25 worth to get the free shipping from Amazon, but delivery might take weeks. I love the two-day delivery. So I say yes—worth it! Especially if you too can share the benefits with someone else.

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It’s been worth it for me and my girlfriend. You can add a couple people to the Prime account, she and I have bought books, CDs, DVDs and other stuff, and saved a lot in shipping.

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I order from amazon all of the would cost me a small fortune in shipping if I did not have the prime membership.

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Yeah, definitely Amazon is worth destination to shop from there. Even, it’s a very good platform to get cheapest deals in quick times.

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Not to me, it isn’t. I got to do a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, and I got stuff in 2 days. Where I live, my Amazon shipments usually arrive in 5 days, 7 at the most, with free shipping. I can certainly wait an extra 3 days. I cannot imagine being in such a hurry that I need to have anything in 2 days.

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Before becoming a Prime member, I used to have to wait to get a few items, in order to make the $25 minimum in order to get the free shipping. I usually got my shipments within about a week, but it was a gamble. It might be a few days (not usually, though) or it might be a few weeks. I found when I ordered during the month of December, items came really quickly (probably because they had a lot of staff doing the picking and packing). Still, I had to get the $25 minimum first. If I didn’t have a big purchase, I would have to either wait or buy something else to make the minimum.

Now, with Prime, I know that instead of trying to find time to get out to a store after work, I can just click click click and in two days, the item will be at home or at work. I usually have the shipments go to my job, so that someone’s always there to receive them, and I can unpack and leave the boxes at work for the cleaning crew.

I haven’t yet started to watch the videos, as I just ordered an HDMI cable a few weeks ago. I was unaware that more than one person could be put on the Prime account for the two day shipping, so I am going to look into that asap.

So yes, for me, Prime is worth it.

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If you shop enough it is. I buy so much from amazon that it pays for itself quickly. I don’t use the video either.

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I’ve been a subscriber from the beginning. I buy from Amazon a lot, so it’s worth it to me on free shipping alone. And while I don’t watch the streaming movies as much as on Netflix, I still like having it, especially since it’s built into my TV.

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I have a Kindle, so between the books, the TV/movies and the free shipping it works well for me.

I also have Amazon Mom, which means that I get a 20% discount on auto shipments of diapers.

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We have had an Amazon account for years, and like @Cupcake we used Amazon Prime with our Kindles. Having it available on my streaming player, as well as my daughter’s Wii, that just added to the value.

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I wish I could support the brick and mortar places more but I use Amazon for just about everything that is not huge or edible. The savings are just too great especially with prime, yeah it’s worth it if you get most things online.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me: Plus it’s just so convenient. I went to Walmart tonight to get my daughter’s back to school supplies (believe me, it’s an extensive list) and there were some things I could not find in the store, and I had to rush home. I know that instead of going to another store tomorrow night after work, and going crazy, I can check Amazon from work, and have it to my house by Saturday.

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I joined today and ordered a few things. Of course, the first month is free. We’ll see if it’s worth it, but from this thread, I get the idea that it is.

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I ran out of a special fancy shampoo that I use and didn’t feel like traveling across town to the brand store in a scary shopping center. Ordered a big bottle from Amazon with Prime and it came before I needed to use it again, at no extra charge.

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We’ve had a Prime account since it’s inception. Each year we get more offered with our membership.

Things I like best about Prime:
* I love the streaming. It’s fast, has a lot of the shows we regularly watch and adds more regularly.

* We have a long list of “Subscribe and Save” items shipped monthly. If I place an order just prior to my Subscribe & Save items shipping, then I save another 20% off the added items

* We use the app to compare prices when out and about during errands, which allows us to save even more (many times it’s saved us a few dollars by ordering via Prime vs. buying from a local big box store)

I’ve had very few complaints over the years. When I’ve had one, I take it to customer service and it’s settled ASAP.

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