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Help me find a good vacuum pump and enclosure on ebay.

Asked by XOIIO (18118points) September 7th, 2013

So, I’ve always enjoyed experiments where people throw things in a glass container and turn on a vacuum pump, I’m wondering if I can get a good combination of whatever these are on ebay, I’m not really sure what you would call the set.

anyways I don’t know the price range these things go for either, so I figure maybe you guys can find some good ones and help me get an idea of the price range

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Ok so after reading this I thought of someone typing right after they indigested “Bath Salts”

Just to make sure were on the same page, do you want motorized pump? Air Pressure only pump?

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@pleiades I want a vacuum pump, they are used to create as near to perfect vacuums as you can get, often in labs but I am sure there are ones that aren’t quite so costly, of course with the drawback of creating a lesser vacuum.

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You can expect to get down to 10^-5 torr with a mechanical pump. Lower than that you will have to spend big $$$.

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@RocketGuy Well I found a good one on ebay, around $314 with shipping, it has a 3 gallon container and comes with a pump and can go to 28 hg, or around 7 torr, so that seems pretty good.

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I used to joke that you could get down to 56” Hg if you used two pumps, but no 28” is all you would get.

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@RocketGuy If only you could get that low without spending a crapton.

Also, they sell a trap so that liquids and stuff don’t get in it, and offered me a deal so I could get it all for $380 so I save a good $30 or $40. I’m gonna order it next paycheck, then in 7 to 11 days, I’m gonna stuck a watermelon in it and see what happens XD

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It would be cool if you could have 2 chambers in series, one near the pump as a reservoir, and one for your watermelon. You would need a valve in between – that way you could evacuate the first one while setting up the watermelon in the second one. You would then seal the 2nd chamber and flip the valve to suddenly suck the air from the 2nd chamber into the 1st.

If you ran just one chamber, the vacuum level would suck down slowly, so would not be as exciting.

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