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What breed of small dog barks less frequently ?

Asked by Aster (20021points) September 11th, 2013

I was wondering, being owned by two bichons that bark a lot and very loudly , what breed that is under twenty five pounds barks the least?

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My rat terrier doesn’t bark much.

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There are variations in every breed, but as a gross generalization, I’ve found frenchies and cavaliers to be fairly quiet small dogs (of course, both breeds have genetic predispositions to various health issues).

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My dachshund mix barks little, unless someone enters the apartment or knocks on the door.

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Basenjis don’t have the ability to bark, and they’re anywhere from 19–26 lbs. I hear they don’t give off much dander or dog odor either. They are very independent and mischievous, though.

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I’ve inherited my daughter’s mini Aussie- she isn’t terribly barky although if someone is here that she doesn’t know, she can be hard to shut up.

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Basenji are supposed to be barkless. A co-worker has one and says it does a little yodel type of thing when excited. Pretty cute dog.

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The Italian greyhounds I’ve known were completely silent.

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Getting a Shih-tzu – Havanese mix on Friday. He seemed quiet when I interviewed him.

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