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What are the stats on the worlds best computer compared to the average Intel Core i5 Acer Aspire |S3 laptop?

Asked by talljasperman (21822points) September 19th, 2013

I want to get the wow factor back into the worlds computers.

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Could be fun to consider… what do you mean by ‘world’s best computer’ ?
Which measures of computer goodness would you want to hyperbolize the most ?

Top class supercomputer can accurately model flight performance of a new aircraft before any part of it is built. And it could model weather patterns But it might not be worth the trouble to get it to play YouTube or to do anything for a week on one battery charge.

The CGI server farms at a place like Industrial Light and Magic or Disney can generate thousands of 4K resolution frames of a new movie a day, behaving in a real sense as one super-multi-tasking machine.

petaflop is the sort of unit of computing performance of those rigs.

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You can’t really measure or even compare this. An i5 is a general CPU for consumer products. A supercomputer is a collection of hundreds or thousands of CPUs running in tandem. The wow factor these days is in parallelism and shared resources. There are physical limits to doing things on a single CPU and we are reaching them quickly. The only real way to measure a computer is to benchmark the entire system for a given task.

Fastest Super Computer :33.86 petaflops/s (33.86X10^15) and uses xenon processors
i5 will run ~10mflops/s (10X10^6)

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