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Do you wear visible brand logos on products?

Asked by tinyfaery (42970points) June 22nd, 2008

Do you ever notice how many logos you see on people when you are out and about? Sunglasses, purses, shirts, pants, shoes, they are all plastered with brand names. I personally try to limit this as much as possible. In fact, I will not by something if the brand name is easily noticed, even if I like it. Why am I paying to advertise for these people? Shouldn’t they be paying me?

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I think I’ll wear it if I like how it’s been incorporated into the design. i.e. do I like the look of it?
To be honest I’ve never thought “The company logo who makes this shirt has put their logo on it… in that case I won’t be buying it…”

However, I guess I see what you mean, and yes, to be fair I probably wouldn’t sport some clothing for the fact it’s made by certain makes for different reasons. But in a very distant way you’re saying it’s not fair for an artist to sign their work because that’s advertisement for them… damn right it is! and they’re allowed to do it. It’s called ‘business’

I see your point, but it’s a little pointless in the business world of fashion I’m afraid. Companies want to know who is wearing their products, and when they see a hoard of people walking down the street brandishing their logo, they can smile. It’s competition, advertisment etc. Business.

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“Clothes make the man, naked people have little or no influence over society”
-Mark Twain

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So are you saying that logos are essential? Because interestingly on Saville Row in London it is common place for the extremely famous and high end suits to NOT feature the logo of their makers, except maybe in a pocket on the inside of a jacket. This is simply because of the idea of a bespoke suit. A one off that does not match the rest, that show logos and rand names etc. So in a way, clothing might make the man, but he doesn’t a logo to have an influence over society.

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i agree with cage in the sense that i haven’t actively thought about what logos are showing when i purchase something. that said, i am not a big brand whore and just buy whatever i like. i don’t think i have many (if any) things with visible brand logos. Even when i see someone else with a visible logo, i don’t think “wow so and so loves American Eagle. maybe i should too!”. of course all this has a lot to do with the fact that i am completely unobservant and don’t pay any attention to the clothes people are wearing.

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I don ‘t purchase an item because of a logo but in some cases I buy despite the logo. For example, I would not buy a Nike headband merely to have a swoosh on it. Comparable headbands exist and I would have to pay a ridiculous amount of money just for the logo. On the other hand, I very much like Polo clothing and purchase it despite the presence of the logo.

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I have, but I don’t like to.There is a New Balance logo on my athletic shoes. If we wear their brand, they should be paying us.

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I, like some people like to show that I spend alot of money on my clothes. I want them to know that I take care of my self nicely. By showing a name brand it symbolizes you. In a way that an iPod would, you wouldn’t want a white brick with a screen to play your music, it has to be Apple.

As an example, my shoes are all white nikes with a black swoosh.

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I’m not sure I understand why I need to symbolize myself. And, when everyone has the same thing, am I really symbolizing myself; I look just like everyone else. I guess that’s why I spend money on tattoos, and not on designer products. Oh, and tattoo artists don’t sign their names.

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@ tiny

You can’t “change” your tattoo’s. There’s always new styles of clothes.

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I agree with you on the whole advertising issue. I rarely wear items with visible logos, but then again I’ve never really been in the practice of buying from those kinds of store (for example, Tommy Hillfigure or Old Navy). I think it’s alot more interesting to see a cool shirt and have to ask someone where they got it, because then you’ve got an awesome conversation starter.

Here are some awesome shirts at Threadless Tees

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I am what I am, who I was, and who I will be.

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@ foolaholic – wow. 17$ is a LOT (also can be read as “too much!”) of money for a t-shirt IMO

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@PnL- yes, unfortunately prices have gone up since the site expanded, up there’s some variation in pricing depending on styles and inks that artists might have requested. They also do sales fairly regularly, and you should also check out the 12 Club

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If it’s part of a good design, then yes, I’d happily wear it. But I’d never go for a brand logo itself, but sometimes they just work really well, like my logo’d Guess t-shirt, where the logo is pure embellishment (beads and sequins).

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As long as they say Gucci.

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I like fubu.

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People who can’t tell who they are without buying symbols for themselves need to
put some more time in on self-examination.

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Well, I for one have probably two closet full of St. John pant suits, skirt suits :) as well as her sport.line ;)

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Well, I remember going through the stage when everything you wore had to be ‘brand names’ or you weren’t ‘cool’ or in the ‘popular group’ at school. Especially in my first year at my current school, I tried so hard to fit in. Girls are so bitchy! But now I just don’t care. I found friends who love me for who I am, not what I wear. I definately do not buy things just for the brand, but I don’t mind advertising the brand if it’s something I really like. There are particular brands I tend towards more than others if I’m in a shop with various brands, but that’s just because they might have a particular and consistent style of clothing that I know I will like. In the end though, I buy what I like, or need, and can afford.

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not like visible, actually, most high end clothing like to avoid logos at all costs, but i do have a prada messenger bag that has the red/whithe small logo in the right, but it’s small, i guess is the only visible logo I have… no, wait a minute, i dunno why diesel loves to have all the sweaters with the D right in the chest jejeje

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I don’t really pay attention to who makes the clothes or whether or not the logo is visible. If it looks good, fits good, and is comfortable, I’ll wear it.

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Do you remember the episode of the Cosby Show where Theo had to have the designer shirt? He ended up getting Denise to make it for him and it turned out all crazy. But people ended up liking it anyway. I see a lot of Hilfigger shirts that remind me of that crazy Denise Huxtable shirt that I would never wear. (of course I have worn some crazy shit in my time, too) thought I am not sure if that qualifies since it really has no logo on it

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I despise visible logos on my clothing. If I wanted to to be a human billboard, I would sell ad space. And gain weight.
Not that I’m into sackcloth and ashes, but my clothes are about me. Not vice-versa.

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Well, I put big apple logos on most of my clothes…. but I’m not shore thats what you meant.

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@banjo: Theo wanted an original “Gordon Gartrelle” shirt. It was an homage to someone who worked on the show.
Funnily, it seems that it has become an actual clothing company.
Growing up, when my friends and I saw a particularly hideous garment, we’d say “That is so Gordon Gartrelle!”

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So all of you that have purchased the Fluther t shirt aren’t promoting the website?
I would if they made one that fit me or my children!
If you like the logo, company, artist….wear it. Who the F cares what anyone thinks, just be yourself.

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Totally beadholder, totally…

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Thank you peedub :-)

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when an artists signs a painting, it is to prove it is an original. the artists writer his/hers name and date on the painting to tell people who they are and when the art was created. When an artists signs a painting it become more personalized and important, it become art. In my eyes anyway.

The resean why i dont like to wear logo is because i dont want to label myself, and i dont want others to label me, e.g. if i wear billabong clothes, people will think oh ye shes probably some surf chick, or if i wear underground trainers then im a punk or a goth, etc.

I think the art work on a t-shirt or the design it self of the clothes should be the hierarchy, the logo should be the last thing you notice. Thats how i feel :)

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I put my seamripper to good use.
I even took off a Prada label off of something someone had given me.
People were horrified. I was relieved.

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of course, why not?

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I personally prefer not to wear “logo” wear. I feel it is an advertisement, and if someone wants me to advertise for them, I either want to get paid, or I want it to be something I would support anyway, like a political campaign or a group, or a concert. I will wear tshirts or something from a venue, or a tourist spot, if I like it.

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Wearing logos because YOU think they are cool is exactly what T.H.E.Y. want you to do! Just give in and buy that brand. If you take the time and do a little research with the most powerful tool you have, your consciouness, you find that there are many ways to express yourself, by yourself, for much less money than the TH.E.Y. would charge you. Plus you get the satisfaction of making it yourself. Another added bonus is if your ego is so frail that you need praise from peers, is that many people will ask you “where did you get that?” Then you can answer “I made it myself!” I personally don’t care and answer “from the googlebox!” Be your-SELF. By buying all this garbage you are only supporting T.he H.ierarchy E.nslaving Y.ou! Quit being a slave and start being your-SELF.

I spent many many hours researching and studying this topic and I feel that by people worrying about what others think of you slows and diminishes your SELF discovery. Most of you are so brainwashed that you didn’t make it this far into my analysis. If you made it this far you are with me. So here goes the deep stuff.

Representing symbols on your body, that you don’t understand, is the ultimate disrespect to your-SELF. Your body is an absolute powerhouse of information and boundless ability that has been beaten out of mankind for centuries. Not beaten in the literal sense (well maybe in pre modern era and maybe it has been literally) but, peer pressured out of you. We are here for a moment in space-time and letting major corporations tag your body with vomit only impedes your SELF discovery. “Everyone loves me because I have the coolest gear” is a childish and undereducated thought. I’m not saying that everyone wearing corporate logos is undereducated but unaware of what they are actually doing to their being.

I will state hear that I am NOT a religious zealot that adheres to the views of any organization. However I do feel that T.H.E.Y. are so powerful and aware of the realities that exist that T.H.E.Y. love when we wear their crap. Because T.H.E.Y. get all of our money and with that power. Power that makes them free, and, you and I slaves.

Now if you made it this far, congratulations! You are that much closer to SELF awareness if not further along the path than I am. Your attention span is wide and you don’t care what other think. Speaking of which: Who cares what other asleep sheep think anyway? If you do you are probably one of T.H.E.M.( The Hierarchy Enslaving Mankind) or you are a stupid slave. Quit being a slave!

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Oh well if you can make an acronym, it must be true. chuckles

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That is exactly what T.H.E.Y. want you to say.

zeitgeist the movie.. look it up, young truth seeker…

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gay gasp! he thinks I’m young!! squeel!!

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I have a few Lacoste polos. And the design of some of the kicks I wear incorporates their logos (e.g. Adidas, Puma). Other than that, no. No logos. Unless Beatles T-shirts count.

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