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Can I have some advice with my throat problem?

Asked by NickiC26 (12points) October 20th, 2013

I went to the doctor on Thursday because I felt like something was in my throat plus it was a bit sore. It was bothering me. It felt like a fish bone and I thought it was a fingernail. I did an x-ray of my neck and nothing came up. He put a mirror down my throat and he saw nothing. Then he actually put the camera in my nose through throat and was looking at it on a video on a screen. He saw nothing except a little inflammation on my tonsils. He told me that’s what I’ve been feeling. I looked on the screen as well and saw nothing. He gave me some medicine. My throat feels better. But I still feel as if something is in my throat. Is this my paranoia because it has been confirmed that nothing is in there or is the doctor wrong?

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a camera exam of the throat is fairly definitive in that it’s unlikely to be anything dangerously wrong. a viral infection, allergies, a small scrape from rough food can make it very painful without their being anything to worrry about.
Sometimes people with heart diseas have referred pain in their neck but I don’t think I’ve come across someone complaining of it in their throat specifically.
My rule of thumb is if it’s not gone in 2 weeks maybe more testing or different medicaitons need to be tried.

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I don’t think you are imagining it. I would wait a few weeks and if it doesn’t go away see another doctor.

Is the feeling in you throat down in your neck? Or, the back of your mouth where your throat starts? Do you take aspirin or medications like ibuprofen? If so, don’t take any for a few weeks.

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The swelling could be making you feel like something’s there when it’s not, it’s happened to me before. Like @drhat77 said, if it’s still there go get it checked again, until then just take it easy and chew your food really well, maybe have some warm or hot drinks, and try a few soothing drops.

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Hot increases inflammation.

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