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What do you think about Eating the Invaders?

Asked by KNOWITALL (24593points) October 30th, 2013

Check this out, I just heard about it and think it’s a great idea! it’s basically eating the species our ancestors brought in like wild boar, common carp, bullfrog’s, etc…

What do you think?

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There’s a sushi restaurant in New Haven, CT that specializes in exactly this. They use a lot of invasive fish and sea weed species in their menu, and describe very clearly what it is they’re doing, and why “these” species. In fact, they go one better by specializing in “local” invasive species, that is, species that are invasive to Long Island Sound, specifically.

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It would be even better if there could be some sort of sharing. Rabbits are a severe threat in Australia and people are starving to death by the thousands every day in Africa.

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@YARNLADY And we have tons of fresh fish, rabbit, squirrels, mushrooms, deer (like nuisance really), frogs, etc…here in Missouri.

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Depends on if the invaders are tasty or not. Otherwise – FERTILIZER.

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I’ll trade you three nutria (nutrias, nutriae?) for one cute rabbit.

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Why not just let nature run its course and treat it as a large experiment to see if and how the ecosystem adapts?

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I think it’s a great practice, and it’s why I feel an extra bit of satisfaction when I forage burdock. It’s a particularly aggressive invader, and delicious and nutritious.

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I notice that Argentinian ants or the European Starling aren’t on the list.

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or europeans

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It would never make a real impact on populations.

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Can I interest anyone in taking some chipmunks and red squirrels?

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Our environment has adapted poorly to the excessive success of invasive species. Eating ones that are tasty and fit to eat makes good sense.

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Better invaders than Darth Vadars I guess. “Luke (sucking sound here), I am your dinner”

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Let’s start with delicious recipes for Asian Carp. Those things are a menace to boating. They are also decimating indigenous species. And as the video shows, no fancy casting rig, hook or bait required. They jump right into any motor boat.

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@LuckyGuy Love them but I have plenty, we even have white squirrels. Make sure to soak them first and they’ll soften up a bit…lol

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