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If I get married, then can I look down my wife's bustline?

Asked by talljasperman (21916points) November 1st, 2013

Can I put it in my vows to be able to being, “all hands” from time to time, and to stare at her lecherously?

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If you wanna stare at her knees then that’s entirely your business.

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Isn’t that the main reason TO get married??

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What’s the point of being married if you can’t lust after your spouse?

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hahaha, good Q. The answer is YES! Slap and grabs and motorboating allowed I hear…lol

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If you don’t look at her lecherously at least once in a while, the relationship won’t last. Women generally like to feel desirable, especially to their spouse/partner(s).

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If she lets you :D

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Only if you are tall enough.

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It’s not a question of Can you or can’t you, but rather—How long will you want to.

A long, long time, I hope.

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I’ll let you.

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As long as you’re respectful and treat her as a partner forever and ever. She’ll probably let you do it occasionally.

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Go for it!

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I wouldn’t put in the vows, but I’d definitely include it in the wedding night whispers.


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Naw, screw that, talljasperman…..put it right there in the vows….

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