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How do I rent a GPS?

Asked by santheo (5points) June 25th, 2008

Going on a road trip next week and would very much like to have a GPS in our car to help us out. Can you rent those things?

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Car rental agencies usually carry them.
I’ve rented several from Thrifty with good results.

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As an alternative, if you’re cellphone is compatible, the mobile Google Maps app is downloadable. It triangulates your position based on cell tower signals and is very usable. It’ll provide directions and full search abilities. Plus it’s free.

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one more reason to LOVE google.

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If you want to rent them separately from a car, airgorilla has them for $40 for a three-day minimum with an additional $9 a day days 4–7 and $5.50 a day each day after seven.

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For the record, the ones I’ve rented from rental car companies are also separate from the car. They come in a cute little bag.

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Thanks for the advice, folks. I decided to go ahead and buy one, since for the time we’ll be gone, the cost of renting would probably exceed a new device. And I’m sure it’ll be useful later on.

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@santheo: If you wouldn’t mind, get back to us with the model you bought and your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with it. I’ve been thinking about buying one myself.

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Got the Tom Tom XL (refurbbed from It’s being delivered next week. I’ll let you know how it goes after I get back from my trip.

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